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Friendship To Release Awesome New Album "Ain’t No Shame" May 25

The Norwegian rock band are releasing their second full length album “Ain’t No Shame”, which contains 10 high soaring, hook heavy songs with tons of energy. The whole record has a classic rock tinge to it that gives it a classical vibe; powerful and punchy.

Friendship are a groovy power trio from Oslo, Norway. The band was formed in 2010 and consists today of Fredrik Skalstad on drums and vocals, Sander Eriksen Nordahl on guitar and Martin Morland on bass. The gel that binds the trio is their years of experience and discipline to their craft as musicians. As a result, Friendship have forged a sound that is tight, groovy, dynamic and adventurous; a sound that is unmistakeably Friendship.

Friendship's music is based on rock, with influences from blues, groove and psychedelic music from the late 60s, early 70s. Friendship is a live band, letting the energy of the moment inspire jams on stage. In these moments, the audience get a real feel on the level of craftsmanship in the band.

Witness elements of funky brass, violin and a lovely psychedelic organ here. This is great music for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk, Cream, Rory Gallagher, Sly or Earth Wind and Fire. Friendship is a hard working rock band with four feet in the old music and two in the modern.

Friendship released its debut in 2011, a limited orange hand numbered 7" single and their first self-titled full length album followed in 2014 receiving an extremely positive embrace from the European underground rock scene.

Four years later and the band prepare to release “Ain’t No Shame” their highly anticipated follow up album, recorded and mixed at Studio Paradiso with Christian Engfelt (Big Bang, Cato Salsa Experience). “Ain’t No Shame” is a more mature record than their debut, from the opening riff you can feel the time, love and passion that has gone into creating this beautiful record. Fans of Friendship will not be disappointed, and those new to the Friendship train will enjoy the ride!

The band features ex-members of EXPLODING RUBBER BAND!

If you dig riff-driven rock as it was done in the 60s and 70s (and horns), then Friendship is the band for you.

01. Are You Ready?
02. Gypsy
03. Ain't No Shame
04. Harmony Turns To Sound
05. Got Me Feeling So Good
06. Moments
07. Fire
08. Alaska Night
09. Live Peacefully
10. Truth In Your Lies

Need some quality riff driven groove rock as it was done in the 60s and 70s in your life?? If you do, then you're in luck, coz this is the album for you, bloody awesome slab of music, all killa no filla, great retro rock with a modern twist and an essential addition to your rock & roll collection, especially for fans of Cream, Hendrix, Grand Funk, Rory Gallagher, Earth Wind And Fire, Orango, Spidergawd.

Available as limited edition vinyl & CD

Release Date: 25th May 2018

- 200x red/black marbled vinyl 19.33 € PRE-ORDER HERE! (111 of which are handnumbered as MAILORDER edition, the rest will be sold by the band)
- 200x solid purple vinyl 15.97 € PRE-ORDER HERE!
- 100x black vinyl 14.29 € PRE-ORDER HERE!
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering
- CD 14.00 € PRE-ORDER HERE!

You can purchase their first self-titled CD at the greatly reduced price of 3.33 € FROM HERE!

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Speedbuggy USA Revisit Their Cowpunk Roots On "Kick Out The Twang" July 6


Gritty Lyrics And Driving Electric Guitars Add To A Blender Full Of American Roots

Timbo - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin | Seth Von Paulus - Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Slide, Backing Vocals | Brady Sloan - Bass, Backing Vocals | Jamie Dawson- Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals | and featuring Greg McMullen on Pedal Steel

“Nobody remembered when the party started, but it was a hoot and a holler. Pret' near ever' American roots style plain folks dig was represented. The melodies was fired up with punk lightning and fit together so comfortable-like that you just felt glad all over. Then some liquored-up joker knocked out the light and the fun really got goin’…” - DC Larson, Damnation Dance Party

Speedbuggy USA isn’t a band that you can keep down. Their last release, South of Bakersfield, came after a seven-year hiatus that had front man, Timbo, surviving and healing from a brain aneurism. Kick Out The Twang follows a year in which he had a major house fire just weeks before the band left on a seven week European tour. “It really threw a wrench in to us getting this record out in the US,” he explained. “The tour was a success but having to leave Los Angeles with a burnt home and then come back to financial strain and an uncertainty for the future is something I don’t care to go through again. But when you’re writing a record full of hard luck songs, I guess it doesn’t hurt to be beat down a bit.”

Kick Out The Twang shows just what this band can do in the face of adversity. This is lead guitarist, Seth Von Paulus’ 2nd time producing, engineering and mastering, and marks the bands 9th LP. “I first met Timbo in 2008,” said Von Paulus, “Immediately I recognized his passion and love for music. Even though we almost lost him he never gave up or gave in. It just made him stronger and more positive about life, people, and music. That has been one the greatest inspirations of my life.”

Speedbuggy USA was one of LA’s pre-eminent cowpunk bands and you can hear that influence on Kick Out The Twang. It’s an eclectic album of Americana, roots, country, rock, soul and blues that Von Paulus claims has “Great storytelling songs and some cool guitar licks.” Truckers, bull riders, rail riders, and heartbreaks all share space on the record. Identifying as a “blue-collar guy who’s pounded nails for years” Timbo said that he is “…always finding myself writing songs about the shattered spirits of the working class.”

Dipping in between sad honky tonk ballads and rocking cowpunk songs, the record is comprised of 11 original works and 2 cover songs; “The Last Train To Clarksville” (Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart) which kicks off the album, and “Unchain My Heart” (Robert Sharp and Teddy Powell). “Get Around” is a swampy blues of a song that echoes Timbo’s Louisiana’s roots. “Shaky Town” and “Darlin’ I’m Coming Home” are trucking songs (“I don’t think you can ever have too many songs about truckers”) — while “South Bound” is a song about riding the rails. Several of the songs on the record had been written for a while and were picked up again for Kick Out The Twang, “Sorry”, “Wood, Screws And Nails” and “Honky Tonk Singer”.

“Long Gone” is a song that was written by bassist, Brady Sloan and arranged by Timbo. “It was a song that I had struggled to finish back in the day,” said Sloan. “It had emotional ties to life back then and I think Timbo really wanted it recorded so he picked up the ball and ran with it. I’m glad it made the cut.”

“We spent a lot of time finding the right guitars, amps, and microphones for this album, which always pays off,” stated Von Paulus. “We really used lots of different guitars for this,” adds Timbo. “We had about 30 to choose from. One of my favorite guitars used is my pride and joy — a 60’s white Falcon that was given to me by Stephen Stills. It has great mojo and I love writing with it and playing on it. It was the first thing I grabbed in the house fire.”

The band’s last album, South Of Bakersfield had them exploring the Bakersfield sound. “I love Buck Owen and Merle Haggard and you just can’t beat that Fender twang, so we have plenty of that on Kick Out The Twang,” said Timbo. “But we also brought back some of our cowpunk roots. I also wanted to do a California Rickenbacker sound. There is something so magical about that jangling sparkle you can only get from a Rickenbacker.”

To underline the fact that adversity can’t keep Speedbuggy USA from going under, the band decided to do the photo shoot in what remained of Timbo’s burned out house. “I love how Steven Dewall captured us in the aftermath of the house fire,” Timbo said. “It gives you the feeling of the hard times that penetrate the lyrics of this record. I would like people to know that this album is about the stories and struggles of the American working class, outcasts, wandering souls and ghosts of the past. We had a great time working on this album. We all worked really hard to capture the right arrangements, sounds, tones and emotions behind each song. It was a journey back to the roots of American music. I hope everyone enjoys it…turn it up!”

"Kick Out The Twang" has a European release date of July 2nd and will be touring Europe in support of the release. The US release date is set for Friday, July 6th, 2018. Keep your eyes on this space for links to purchase this great album.

Ben Bostick To Release Great New Album "Hellfire" June 29


11 High-Energy Country Rock Tunes Following Hot On The Heels Of His Praised Eponymous Debut Album

"Packing the car for a little weekend getaway? Don't forget to pack some #vinylporn! Allow me to suggest this new platter from country/Americana whiz Ben Bostick, and it is aptly titled: "Hellfire. "More twang per capita than the FDA recommends, with a sonic caloric intake that'll leave you in a puddle on the venue floor." - Fred Mills, Blurt

Ben Bostick: Lead Vocals, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar / Luke Miller: Piano, Organ, Group Vocals / Kyle LaLone: Electric Guitar, Harmonies, Group Vocals / Cory Tramontelli: Bass Guitar, Group Vocals / Perry Morris: Drums, Percussion, Group Vocals

Country artist Ben Bostick has once again teamed up with engineer and producer John Would (Warren Zevon, Fiona Apple) to create Hellfire, his rowdy sophomore release.  Hellfire is a collection of 11 high-energy songs written during his band’s yearlong weekly residency at The Escondite in downtown Los Angeles. Influenced by the energy of the barroom, Bostick says the songs were “written to make the drunken denizens of the downtown dive go ‘hell yeah!’ In the tradition of the blues, they are lyrically dark songs that make you tap your toes and feel all right.”

In an unconventional way of recording, the musicians arranged themselves in a circle in the studio and played live, without headphones, using stage monitors to hear the vocals.  In addition to using close mics for the instruments, Would placed microphones throughout the room to capture the sound of the band playing together.  The songs were all written well before the band went into the studio and performed live dozens of times. “My aim was to write an album of songs that not only fit together musically and thematically,” Bostick explained, “ but also songs that really worked in a live situation and that suited the players in the band.”

Bostick’s eponymous debut was released in 2017 and was well received by the Americana and country music critics and fans.  “Last year was great for me,” said Bostick.  “I felt like I entered the musical conversation.  I released my first album, got reviews and fan mail from all around the world, and played more shows than ever.  I felt like a musical debutante.”  That being said, when asked about the differences between the last CD and Hellfire Bostick responds, “Everything.”

Bostick’s last album was expansive, varied, sometimes funny, sometimes soft-spoken and sometimes wistful.  Hellfire occasionally has humorous moments, but as an album it is loud, fast, and angry.  “The last record had something for everyone,” Bostick professes, “but this one will have a specific audience.  I expect more people to dislike this album, which I’m excited about.”  Fascinated by the tendency of people to turn their suffering outwards in the form of rage and resentment, Bostick explores these themes on Hellfire. “I have a theory that one way to cope with being in hell is to integrate yourself into the environment and become one of the demons that dwells there--as if inflicting pain on others might relieve some of the pain you yourself feel.”

Kicking it off fast and loud with “No Show Blues,” the song’s main character is a man acting against his self-interest. “This is a guy inside me,” confesses Bostick.  “I often have to push down the perverse urge to drive out into the desert and just get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and shoot bottles off fence posts.”

The title track, “Hellfire,” has a call and response chorus inspired by reading an article that asserted that music was historically only part of larger ritual practices and was always accompanied by dance, ceremony, and religion. “When I sing, ‘I’m talking bout hellfire’ and everybody in the crowd yells ‘hellfire!’ back, that breaks down the barrier between the stage and the dance floor and brings us closer together,” Bostick contends.

In the vein of participation, there are two songs on the record, “No Good Fool” and “Work, Sleep, Repeat” that were written as line-dances. “As the satanic narrator sings on ‘No Good Fool’ about driving a woman to her death, the dancers are out there laughing and having fun,” Bostick observed. “That’s a thing of country music beauty.”

The humorously titled, “It Ain’t Cheap Being Poor” was arranged by the band’s drummer, Perry Morris, and has a New Orleans feel to the music, while on “Feeling Mean” Luke Miller’s organ takes the center stage. “Luke never plays the same solo twice,” Bostick claims admiringly. “In fact, he never plays anything remotely similar. He’s one of the most creative musicians I know and he never fails to surprise me.”

South Carolina raised, now Los Angeles-based, Bostick makes his living in music through various forms. Along with being a performing artist, he busks (in an official capacity) on the Santa Monica Pier and has recently started DJ’ing at local clubs.  “It’s been a great opportunity to indulge my inner music fan and allows me to tell my girlfriend that I’m working when I go to the record shops,” he quips. “But seriously, if it weren’t for music I would be a complete mess, if not dead.  Most of our waking lives as Americans are spent working, so I had to find a way to make a living doing something that was meaningful.”

The themes of work and masculinity are thoroughly explored in Hellfire. “The definition of maleness, the ideal of masculinity, and the role of a man in modern society have become harder to make out,” he considers. “The image of the big strong man who works physical labor and provides for his family and retires with a union pension is old-fashioned. There are a lot of guys raised in that mold that feel left behind. I suppose you could say that the ‘character’ of Hellfire, the person that sings the songs on this album, is one of those guys.”

Despite the darker theme, Hellfire is upbeat, raucous, honky tonk bar music. The sound is raw and live and fast and the lyrics are of a whole. “I’m very proud of it, and I’m proud to have made it with a great group of guys,” said Bostick. “I have two more albums written—who knows if I’ll record one or both or neither—but this ain’t the last time you’ll be hearing from me!”

01 - No Show Blues
02 - Hellfire
03 - No Good Fool
04 - Blow Off Some Steam
05 - It Ain't Cheap Being Poor
06 - Tornado
07 - The Other Side Of Wrong
08 - Work, Sleep, Repeat
09 - How Much Lower Can I Go
10 - Feeling Mean
11 - The Outsider

"Following on from Mr. Bostick’s eponymous debut would have been a tall ask, insanely brilliant, to capture the same intensity would have meant making the pact with the beast itself, however such treaties work when you are holding all the aces and the Devil doesn’t know the rules in play at the Hellfire.” - Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Ben Bostick is quite simply the greatest new reason to proclaim yourself proud to be a lover of country music. He brings such wit and wisdom to his brand of outsider country that he just might turn the whole outsider thing into the future mainstream of the genre.” - Parcbench Live

“Ben Bostick is an audacious, trailblazing messenger with enough promise to bode a paradigm shift in modern music.” - National Rock Review

Want some quality country rock in your life?? Thought so, coz this album is the one for you, bloody awesome slab of music, all killer no filler, gets you foot tappin' & hip shakin' from the get go. Essential addition to your country music collection which can be pre-ordered as digital/cd for $10 USD or vinyl for $15 USD from HERE!

You can get all 3 Ben Bostick releases available on Bandcamp and save 35%. High-quality downloads of Hellfire, Ben Bostick, and My Country EP for $15.60 USD or more from HERE! Includes digital pre-order of Hellfire. You get 1 track now, plus the complete album the moment it’s released. Digital album releases June 29, 2018. CD/LP ships out on or around June 28, 2018


01 - BEELZEBUB JONES - The Heist
02 - BEN BOSTICK - Paid My Dues
03 - BLACK CLAW - Upon Their Greedy Demise
04 - THE BLACK SORROWS - Lay By My Side
06 - DALE WATSON - Guess Things Happen That Way
07 - DIRTY OLD TOWN - The Rider
09 - THE GADFLYS - Like Ray
11 - JOSH PYKE - Middle Of The Hill
12 - KARMA COUNTY - Secret Country
13 - LAWSON SQUARE INFIRMARY - Mother Silhouette
15 - THE RECHORDS - Take The Line
16 - SAINT JUDE - Out Of This Land
18 - STEVIE TOMBSTONE - Folsom Prison Blues
19 - TODD STEDMAN - Hey Porter
20 - THE TRIFFIDS - One Mechanic Town

121.85 Mb

Won't be follow up ones for Australia, Canada & Europe as they were proving to be too much like work.

This is the hybrid consisting of 8 Aussie, 2 Canadian, 4 European & 6 American twangin' tracks.

Beelzebub Jones: England
Ben Bostick: USA
Black Claw: Canada
The Black Sorrows: Australia
Blubbery Hellbellies: England
Dale Watson: USA
Dirty Old Town: Denmark
Factories And Alleyways: Canada
The Gadflys: Australia
The Hillbilly Hellcats: USA
Josh Pyke: Australia
Karma County: Australia
Lawson Square Infirmary: Australia
The Legendary Kid Combo: Italy
The Rechords: Australia
Saint Jude: Australia
South Austin Allstars: USA
Stevie Tombstone: USA
Todd Stedman: USA
The Triffids: Australia

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Elmo Karjalainen's New Album 'Back Where We Belong' Tentatively Set For A Summer Release

The new album is nearly finished. Only two songs require a bit of polishing by way of mixing.

The new album is to be called "Back Where We Belong", and is tentatively set for a summer release. If you want a sneak peak of the album, by way of hearing one of the finished songs, simply support Elmo on Patreon (you also get other exclusive stuff there). "Back Where We Belong" is to be a follow up to Elmo's acoustic album "Where We Belong", as the title suggests.

Patrons on Patreon will also receive another song prior to release, and a few songs that didn't make it onto the album.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Free to download compilation features some of their personal favourite bands from across the UK, Europe, US and Canada.

Track Listing:

01 - The Burnt Tapes - The End Of Airlie Gardens
02 - Eat Defeat - The North Remembers
03 - Snacks - Ababba
04 - Triple Sundae - Indecisive
05 - All Better - Like TV
06 - Aerial Salad - Alone Forever
07 - Atomic Hero - Bodies
08 - Little Baby Sharks - Riding In Cars
09 - The Run Up - Shark
10 - Mixtape Saints - Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain
11 - New Junk City - Easier In Time
12 - American Graffiti - Vixen
13 - Yeah Bud - Rearranged
14 - BIKE AGE - Brick By Brick
15 - Arms & Hearts - Fortitude

Digital download is available as MP3/FLAC/ALAC from here!

Arms & Hearts New EP "Wires Crossed" To Be Unleashed May 18

Acoustic Punk from Northwich UK.

Having recently released 'Too Much Sleep, Not Enough Dreams' through Under The Bridge Records and 'Fortitude' via Real Ghost Records, Arms & Hearts has toured extensively and relentlessly over the past three years, gaining support slots with the likes of Jared Hart, Skinny lister, Northcote, Listener, Pinegrove, Rob Lynch, This Wild Life, Tim Kasher, Ben Marwood, Beans On Toast, Apologies I have None and Ducking Punches. 'Best described as the aptly named heart felt venture of Steve Millar. While influences of The Gaslight Anthem and Chuck Ragan are apparent, it's his passion for his songs that really come out strong, committing to a full 'heart on your sleeve' musical exploration.

Track Listing:

01 - Sore Sight For Sorry Eyes
02 - Wires Crossed
03 - Falling Short
04 - Back Up Plans
05 - Benchmarks

You can pre-order this quite good EP from Arms & Hearts - things get "full band" this time round - via Real Ghost Records for £0.00 as digital or £5.00 for CD.

The digital release is unlimited.
The CD is limited to 50 copies.

NB: Digital Download not available until release day (18 May 2018)!

You can purchase the first three EPs for name your price download from here!

You can purchase 'Too Much Sleep, Not Enough Dreams' as digital download for £4 GBP or more from here or digital download for £4 GBP / cd for £5 GBP or more from here!

You can purchase 'Fortitude' for name your price download from here!

Lyric video for the single 'Sore Sight For Sorry Eyes'

Arms & Hearts shall be on tour with Mixtape Saints in Europe this month!  Full dates below!

14/05/2018 UnterRock Berlin
15/05/2018 Coffee Art Bar Chemnitz
16/05/2018 Feldschlößchen Bar Bremen
17/05/2018 Checkpoint Charlie Amsterdam
18/05/2018 JH Dido Erpe-Mere
08/06/2018 JT Soar Nottingham
09/06/2018 DIY Southampton
10/06/2018 The Cavern Exeter
11/06/2018 Mr Wolfs Bristol
12/06/2018 Dime Bar Bradford
13/06/2018 Central Bar Newcastle
14/06/2018 Leith Depot Edinburgh
15/06/2018 FortyFive Vinyl York


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The Death Roots Syndicate is a Free Digital Download label specializing in the promotion of Dark Music including but not limited to Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots Music.


1. [2013] The Death Roots Syndicate

The Death Roots Syndicate is proud to present this monster of a compilation, the first of which we hope will be many. What you get here is nearly one and a half hours of Dark Country / Folk / Americana / Blues and Roots artists from around the world. Features a mix of previously released songs along with a few unreleased tracks! The aim of this compilation is to help introduce this fairly obscure genre to a wider audience by offering it completely free to any of you that happen to stumble upon it. Please support the artists you like by purchasing their albums/merch and feel free to spread this as far as possible!

01 - Slate Dump - Mothman's Revenge
02 - Jim Strange with The Proud And The Damned - Bad Deeds
03 - T. Junior - Let Me Be
04 - Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints - Sawney Bean
05 - Whitfield Fahrenheit - This Old House
06 - Joel Kaiser - Better Than Debt
07 - The Sad Bastard Book Club - The Choir Of Knives Must Sing For Its Supper
08 - Hells Fire Sinners - Paralyzed
09 - Craig Hughes - Old Witch Cast A Spell
10 - Muleskinner Jones - Little Dead Riding Hood
11 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - St Vincent Street Blues
12 - Sumerias Fain - The Pilgrimage
13 - Curwen - Crawlspace
14 - Bishop and Atheist - Party Girl
15 - B-TOON - Empty Grave
16 - OldBoy - Still Waters
17 - JB Nelson - Skull Collector
18 - Reverend Elvis - Mournin'
19 - SwampWolf - When The World Collides
20 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Old Father Death
21 - A Minor Plague - Ride Careful
22 - Jim Dead - Untitled (Acoustic)
23 - stroszek - secret of the earth

name your price download
free download

2. [2014] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume II

A trip through American Roots Music's Dark Underbelly. Volume II in an ongoing series of Death Roots compilations. Another 23 tracks totaling 1 1/2 hours of Dark Country/Folk/Americana/Blues.

01 - Slate Dump - Hemlock
02 - Black Claw - Factual Accusations
03 - Grännibueb - The Other Side (End It Now) - (Drum Version)
04 - Danny Wildcard - R.U.N.
05 - The Schomberg Fair - Fire In The Dark
06 - Warren Jackson Hearne And Le Leek Electrique - La Llorona De Las Montañas
07 - Jim Strange With The Proud And The Damned - Carry On
08 - M.M.S. Kaiser - How Far We've Come
09 - Sergeant Kowalski & The Ghost Band - The Perfect Drug
10 - Welcome Little Stranger - The Governor's Ball
11 - The Mussy Cluves - Bohobuchobba
12 - Shewreck - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
13 - Saint Christopher - Lost, Weak & Alone
14 - t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling - Betting On Your Dying Day
15 - Roselit Bone - Creek Run Red
16 - Sons Of Perdition - Paying My Debts
17 - JB Nelson - Killing Off Old Memories
18 - Bishop And Atheist - Poor Little Lucifer
19 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Song Of The Sin-Eater
20 - Uncle Sinner - You Got To Die
21 - Christian Williams - The Long Drop
22 - Jerad Rykken - In The Somber Field
23 - Grouxsome Catface - Painnn

name your price download
free download

3. [2014] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume III

The Third Volume in an ongoing series of Compilations dedicated to Dark Roots Music.

01 - Slate Dump - Make Me
02 - Whitfield Fahrenheit - Straight Razor Jack
03 - Slackeye Slim - Old John Boy
04 - Jesus And The Groupies - Betsy
05 - In The Land Of The Blind... - She Is Mine
06 - Moose Roberts - It's A Crime And Shame
07 - Cyanna Mercury - Ode To The Absent Father
08 - Sasha Boole - Iron And Stone
09 - Reverend Elvis - Midnight Train
10 - Bang Bang Band Girl - Lies
11 - t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling - Nothing Is Always Certain
12 - Os Penitentes - Corpo-Seco
13 - Brakkenor - Beautifully Rotten
14 - Trash Colapso & His Scrap Metal Truck! - El Vampiro
15 - Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints - Black Is The Colour
16 - SwampWolf - Inferno
17 - OldBoy - Even Less
18 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Ingest
19 - Pigeon Petal - Reverie
20 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Worried Blues On My Mind
21 - Junk - Superstring
22 - The Krucifixion - Death Gospel
23 - Sons Of Perdition - In The Air Tonight

name your price download
free download

4. [2015] Death Roots Syndicate: The End

Final Dirges To The End Times.

Spread this like the Scourge that it is...

"This programme to stop nuclear by 2020 is just crazy. If there were a nuclear war, and humanity were wiped out, the Earth would breathe a sigh of relief." - James Lovelock

01 - Reverend Walker - Revelation
02 - Black Claw - Upon Their Greedy Demise
03 - Ghostwitch - Chains III
04 - Sons Of Perdition - The Tomb Of Daniel Parker
05 - Cyanna Mercury - The Four Horsemen (Aphrodite's Child Cover)
06 - Jim Strange with The Proud And The Damned - No One
07 - Rotten Possum - Oh Dark Lord
08 - Dead Bronco - Dead Bronco
09 - Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - Darkworld
10 - Muleskinner Jones - Kathleen
11 - Seuora - Deep & Dark
12 - Hells Fire Sinners - Eye's Go Black
13 - Nomotion - Berlin After War
14 - The Giant Undertow - French Ambassador
15 - Devil's Holler - The Darkness
16 - Slackeye Slim - It Was A Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra Cover)
17 - Dead Soldiers - Ironclad
18 - Captain Catfeesh - Droning In The River
19 - Deadmen's Suit - Misery Train
20 - J. Kowalski & The Ghost Band - Come To Me
21 - Bishop and Atheist - The Altar Of Sleep
22 - Ghostwriter - Sailing (feat. Ralph White)
23 - OldBoy - Inaction Man
24 - Goatswamp Songs - Groundsong
25 - The Mussy Cluves - Funeral Pile
26 - Slate Dump - Disillusionment
27 - EvilMrSod - I'm Gonna Disappear
28 - Bansheerie - Daughters Of The Twilight
29 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Trouble Coming My Way
30 - Ages Olde - Arsenic River
31 - The Grindstone Retribution - Crossroads
32 - Lucas Paine - Black Ram Shuffle
33 - The Victor Mourning - Patagonie (with Tim Kerr)
34 - JB Nelson - Beautiful Darkness
35 - The Division Men - Dying To Get By
36 - Uncle Sinner - Oh Death
37 - The Last Surrealist - In The All Consuming Fires Of Sodom And Gomorrah We Make Love
38 - stroszek - when i'm gone (Phil Ochs Cover)
39 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Poor Old Devil
40 - M.M.S. Kaiser - Poison In The Well
41 - Jeremy Gilliland - On Our Way Back Home
42 - River Of Gennargentu - Fire Over The Hill
43 - t.k. bollinger - Till Exhaustion Or Collapse
44 - Jim Dead - Stealing A Mile
45 - Throw Me Off The Bridge - From The Top
46 - Leaked Period - Slide Piano
47 - ☢ - The End

name your price download
free download

5. [2016] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume IV

The fourth excursion into the creeping depths of the Dark Roots underground. Many tracks featured here are previously unreleased.

01 - Slate Dump - Random Park Girl
02 - Muleskinner Jones - Revolutionary
03 - Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow - Junkyard
04 - Zwyntar - Танцюй і Пий (Dance & Drink)
05 - Seuora - Hush 2016
06 - Giorgos Giannopoulos - Sinner's Dream
07 - Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - She Never Done Me Wrong
08 - L'ira dell'Agnello - Aria densa
09 - Cyanna Mercury - Pontian Carol
10 - Jim Strange - Neon Hell
11 - EvilMrSod - SxSxSx
12 - Roselit Bone - Roselit Bone
13 - JB Nelson - Sunny Expression
14 - The Giant Undertow - Lone
15 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - There Will Be Blood
16 - Cockroach Prophets - Tumša Nakte
17 - The Mussy Cluves - Omelettes On My Neck
18 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Nothing Like The Bottle
19 - M.M.S. Kaiser & His Sad Children - Peeking Thru The Cracks
20 - OldBoy - Unsure
21 - The Pissmisters - The Creeping Horror
22 - t.k. bollinger - Long Slow Suicide
23 - The Last Surrealist - Death Meditations

name your price download
free download

6. [2016] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume V

The fifth edition in the Death Roots Syndicate compilation series features many exclusive and rare tracks from the Dark Roots Underground.

01 - Franckch - Farewell To Cheyenne
02 - Blackgrass Gospel - Stack Them Bones
03 - The Redemption's Colts - White Demons
04 - The Sad Bastard Book Club - Titled
05 - Hells Fire Sinners - Livin' Lies
06 - Ryan McKern - I've Died For So Long
07 - Pinebox Serenade - Trying
08 - Sumerias Fain - Devils Pallbearers
09 - The Parasite Paradise - Lucifer Luminous
10 - stroszek - can't make things undone
11 - King Jezuz & Duke Zatan - Szatan
12 - St. Äma - The Citys Burnin Down Tonight
13 - Jim Strange - Fuck Of The Century (With Leviticus Neptune)
14 - Reverend Black Claw - Forsaken But Not Forgotten
15 - 40RTY - God's Wounds
16 - Seuora - Call Of The Void
17 - Sardonic Sloth's Miserable Minstrel - Twelve Gauge Aneurysm
18 - Ghosts of Grandads Past - Come To My Funeral
19 - Sons of Perdition - In Service Of The Worm
20 - ViViTA - A Hex
21 - Slackeye Slim - No Place I Belong
22 - Jen Necro Cannibal - For You
23 - Roberto LeBlanc - Real Wet Too

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7. [2017] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume VI

Death Roots Syndicate presents compilation #6 with 37 more tracks and over two hours of music from the Dark Roots Underground!

01 - Sons Of Perdition - The Opening
02 - Bastards And The Buzzards - Burn It Down
03 - Mamagigi's - Black Roses
04 - Phantom Of The Black Hills - Dead Man
05 - Blackgrass Gospel - Gallows
06 - Heathen Apostles - Death's Head
07 - Drop Jaw John - God Can You Help Me
08 - Jeremiah Crow - Blood, Skulls, and Bats
09 - Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow - Red Is The Color
10 - Nomotion - An Opium Dream
11 - Uncle Wormwood's Medicine Show - Call Of The Void
12 - Sumerias Fain - Cicada's Moon
13 - Devil's Holler - Music And My Horse
14 - Dead Bronco - Stop Killing All My Friends
15 - Cyanna Mercury - Horse Dark As Night
16 - Dvanov - Layers
17 - Hells Fire Sinners - The Coming Of The Damned
18 - Mani Deum - The Light Inside
19 - Joe The Stripper - Same Old Night!
20 - Convivial Cannibal - Stagnate Waters
21 - SwampWolf - Silent Boat
22 - Antic Clay - Mechanically Separated Blues
23 - Jim Strange - Mercy
24 - St. Äma - Rock 'N Roll Dracula (Acoustic)
25 - t.k. bollinger - May Death Come Welcome
26 - stroszek - Cabwaylingo
27 - Ages Olde - Alone, Dead
28 - The Forsaken Shadow - Liquor
29 - Reverend Elvis - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
30 - OldBoy - Lost In A Crowd
31 - JB Nelson - Psycho
32 - Slate Dump - Disintegrated
33 - Danny Stitches - 428 (The Interceptor's Lament)
34 - Mistwirler - Law Yet Unbroken
35 - Bansheerie - Seven Aces
36 - Vivita - Ligeia
37 - Cavatus - Atrium

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8. [2018] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume VII

Part VII includes 23 tracks from many new artists as well as some old standards.

01 - Mamagigi's - Burning Sky
02 - Farty Wayne - Pigs Ballad
03 - Thomas Schoeffler Jr - Sauerkraut
04 - Widows And Crows - Low Raven
05 - Burn In Hell - Crying Crab Blues
06 - Jim Strange - One Foot In The Grave
07 - Big John Bates Noirchestra - Taste The Barrel
08 - Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls - Black Flies
09 - The Blues Against Youth - Medium Size Star Bound
10 - Dead Bronco - Lord Call Me Home
11 - Hollywood Of The Wolves - Cocaine
12 - Pauly Creep-Ø - Visions
13 - Tiro Williams & The Wild Cowboys - Black Dog
14 - JB Nelson - Till Sudden Death Starts Catching On
15 - Danny Stitches - The Cave
16 - Ages Olde - Dark Day
17 - ViViTA - Don't Lead Me Astray
18 - King Jezuz & Duke Zatan - O, Panie! (Oh Lord!)
19 - Low Tide - The Crow And The Wren
20 - Slate Dump - Stay To The House
21 - Sammy Craigars - Nothing Left To Lose
22 - Giggy Sevens - Azaleas In The Cemetary
23 - Dead Eye Darter - Cold

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9. [2018] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume VIII

01 - Reverend Black Claw - Eternal Suffering
02 - Hells Fire Sinners - The End Of The World
03 - Bastards And The Buzzards - Dirty Baggage
04 - Morosity - The Answer
05 - Wasted Pido - Big Fall
06 - Acousta Noir - Ol' Saint James
07 - Killing Flies - Numb Fingers
08 - Heinrich XIII And The Devilgrass Pickers - A Ghost In This House
09 - Black Toska - Bleeding Teeth Blues
10 - Mr. E's Ghastly Murder - The Hearse Song (The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out)
11 - Gray Dog - Four Roses On Her Neck
12 - Saddle Of Southern Darkness - Bad Times
13 - t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling - To Lose The Darkness
14 - Half Deaf Clatch - Strange Days
15 - Pushin Rope - Final Hour
16 - Deadwood Drifters - The Devil's Due (Edit)
17 - Brakkenor - Because I'm Dead
18 - Uncle Wormwood's Medicine Show - Wither Away
19 - Sons of Perdition And Jaran Hereid - Toyah
20 - Cornicula - Soul Strong
21 - Sadly Al - Chains
22 - Thalia Couture - Winter
23 - stroszek - settle for less

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01 - ANDREW SHEPPARD - Travel Light And Carry On
02 - BEELZEBUB JONES - Dry, Dry Bones
03 - BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS - Ten Long Years In Texas
04 - CASE GARRETT - Going Down To Mobile (Alternate Mix)
05 - CHERRYWOOD - Bothering Your Livestock
07 - THE GARY DOUGLAS BAND - Out On The Highway
08 - GINGER WILDHEART - Paying It Forward
09 - IRON RANGE OUTLAW BRIGADE - Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun
10 - JAMES SCOTT BULLARD - Jesus, Jail Or Texas
11 - LINDI ORTEGA - I'm No Elvis Presley
12 - MAMAGIGI'S - Burning Sky
13 - MIDNIGHT HOWLERS - Ole Slew Foot
14 - MUNLY & THE LEE LEWIS HARLOTS - Old Service Road
15 - PATRICIA VONNE - Joe's Gone Ridin'
16 - PINEBOX SERENADE - Lost Pines
17 - POPA CHUBBY - White Devil
18 - RAILBENDERS - There's Gonna Be A Hangin'
19 - SAINT JUDE - Stokes Roft
20 - VOODOO SWING - Stuck In Wells

139.93 Mb

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Maniac To Release Great 2nd Album "Dead Dance Club" June 1

Photo by Kasey Elliot

On MANIAC's second full-length Dead Dance Club the Los Angeles punk band creatively crack the whip on a world wasting its beauty on bad times and boredom. The twelve tracks snap and bop by like any high quality-cum-octane vintage could we change this to LA and Pacific Northwest punk but without any sense of nostalgia or fetish for a particular scene. The melodically layered and trade-off vocals of "Post Post World" and "Neutral Libido," the snarl-chants of "Children of the Dirt" and "Living in Stereo," and the controlled frenzy of openers "City Lights" and "Subject to Change" start the album and set the incendiary blaze of terse, sharp lyrics snarled and shouted to the breakneck tempos.

Dead Dance Club comes out June 1, 2018 on Dirt Cult / Hovercraft. Although coherent in style, every song sounds different on MANIACs follow up to debut Demimonde, its antagonistic elements learning to dance with its irresistible rhythmic frenzy. The band first came together in 2012 when Andrew Zappin and ex-Seattleite Zache Davis (The Girls, Cute Lepers) would hit the dark night spots of El Lay together, bonding over classic power pop and a passion for creating songs about 'weird times going pro' (as Hunter Thompson once wrote). Adding Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, LA Drugz) on second guitar and James Carman (Images, LA Drugz) on drums, solidifying the line-up.

The band has four songwriters, Zache Davis (bass and lead vocals), Justin Maurer (vocals and guitars), Andrew Zappin (guitar), and James Carman (drums and backing vocals). Davis says of his tracks, "'City Lights' is really about the annoying dudes on the boardwalk who try to sell you their CDs. 'Neutral Libido' is post-relationship wave vibes mixed into a night of perceived bliss that ended in emptiness, and 'Living in Stereo' is a failed relationship." He extrapolates, "Most of the songs I wrote are about a failing relationship, loss, and self-depreciation and realization; with some sprinkles of characters who play frisbee golf and some who lost money on a prostitute."

For his contributions, Zappin infuses his compositions with hooks and atmosphere, and "I'll toss in some oddball chord variations here and there to tweak what are otherwise pretty classic progressions. The same goes for songs to which I contributed parts. I try to serve the vision, put a little of myself into the thing. Ultimately, no matter who wrote it, everyone has a hand and all songs become MANIAC songs."

Dead Dance Club was recorded at Station House Studios in Echo Park by Mark Rains; the band produced the album with Maurer taking a strong hand. As for Maurer's own writing: "It's current Los Angeles meets classic 70s/80s films like Blade Runner, Drive, Chinatown, LA Confidential, Over the Edge, Karate Kid, Lost Boys come to mind. My tunes come out of feelings of alienation, loneliness, heartbreak, restlessness, sexual frustration. 'Children of the Dirt' is about 'Lost Boys'-Peter Pan type tribal kids in a 'Lord of the Flies' situation. 'Post Post World' is about post-irony, how contemporary society doesn't believe in anything anymore." Dead Dance Club is whip-smart rock 'n' roll art created out of their surrounding milieu: "I love West Coast lit, film noir, and Latin languages," Maurer admits, "the mix of cultures in Los Angeles. Where else would you have Koreans eating Salvadoran food across from an Armenian kebab shop and a Thai grocery store?"

James Carman's fever-pitch drumming infuses MANIAC's music with crisp, rhythmic urgency and sophisticated flourishes. His angelic vocal harmonies are one of the stylistic backbones of Dead Dance Club.

Outside of music Andrew finds a lot of inspiration in film and photography. "Most recently in the films of Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, The Lobster) and Ruben Östlund (Force Majeure, The Square). Both are telling different kinds of stories and doing so with a dry, oddball sense of humor that I like. Also, just got a book of photography by a war photojournalist named Michael Christopher Brown. The book is called Libyan Sugar and it's all iPhone pics from the Arab Spring fighting in Libya."

MANIAC were finalists in LA Weekly's Best Live Band in LA awards category. There is something quintessentially LA about them, even if their punk rock would have fit perfectly with any decaying, hedonistic City of the West trying to abuse its body to believe in its soul. In the meantime, before the end of the world, they plan to perform West Coast dates this summer and hopefully Europe by Fall. Or, as Zappin says, "I'd like to load the band onto the back of a flat bed and hit the road. We could play every Olive Garden parking lot from LA to Portland, Maine. I'd also like to play Japan. Maniac should have a 'Live at Budokan' moment." Those with ears to listen to Dead Dance Club will surely agree to that with a "hear, hear!"

01. City Lights
02. Subject To Change
03. Neutral Libido
04. Midnight Kino
05. Calamine
06. Modern Love
07. Children Of The Dirt
08. Living In Stereo
09. Officer Jimmy
10. Precision Accuracy
11. Post Post World
12. Dead Dance Club

This is one great album, a dozen garage punk tunes that'll rock your socks off and should be in any punkers music collection. You'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't purchase Dead Dance Club when it comes out June 1, 2018 on Dirt Cult / Hovercraft.

But in the meantime you can purchase their equally fine 1st album Demimonde which was released in 2014, either as digital download or vinyl from HERE!


06.09.18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hi Hat (Record Release Show)
06.14.18 - San Francisco, CA @ Light Rail Studios
06.15.18 - Corvallis, OR @ Bombs Away
06.16.18 - Portland, OR @ Green Noise Records (6 pm) AND Lay Low Tavern
06.17.18 - Tacoma, WA @ The Valley
06.18.18 - Bellingham, WA @ Boscoe's Tavern
06.19.18 - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria
06.20.18 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
06.21.18 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater
06.22.18 - Eureka, CA @ Siren's Song Tavern
06.23.18 - Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kaiser To Release Awesome Album "1st Sound" On May 25

Otu: Guitar & Vox / RiQ: Drums / Pex: Bass

Awesome fuckin' northern heavy stoner rock from Helsinki, Finland!!

It was late summer of 2013, Otu and RiQ met on the web and quickly discovered that their music interests were the same. Wasting no time, they formed a band, this machine called Kaiser. Their initial session showed that their chemistry was more than right, it was supreme. They recruited Pex, who had played bass in the same band as RiQ in the past.

The rest is history.... and the future is open....

The band worked with legendary producer Hiili "Carbon" Hiilesmaa on "1st Sound", most notable for his work with fellow Hellsinki rock legends HIM. The result is a crushingly heavy, super tight and melodic stoner rock album that is sure to hit home with fans of Kyuss, High on Fire, The Sword and Red Fang.

Oak Island Records are proud to bring the fuzzed-out, riff fuelled energy of Kaiser to Vinyl and CD this May.

Release Date: 25 May 2018.

01. High Octane Supersoul
02. Desert Eye
03. We Bleed For This
04. Voidmaster
05. Ouroboros
06. Intermission
07. Earthquake
08. Fuzz Of Fury
09. King Of Horizon
10. Galactic Crusade

This is one great doom laden, fuzzed out stoner rock album folks and a must have for fans of heavy stoner rock, you will not be disappointed, this album has balls!!

You can pre-order this awesome slab of nusic in vinyl which is limited to 500 copies:
- 400 standard edition copies on transparent/clear vinyl. PRE-ORDER FOR 17€ HERE
- 100 copies on solid orange vinyl, KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Mailorder exclusive edition, contains A5 format poster insert. PRE-ORDER FOR 21€ HERE


CD available for special pre-order price of 9.99€! Offer valid until May 25th, 2018! PRE-ORDER HERE

You can also stream/purchase their 2014 self-titled EP and/or the first single 'Earthquake' from the upcoming album 1st Sound.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

'Drop The Soap' - New Album From Hella Rebelliön

Photo by Sara Katrin Walstad

Hardcore/Punk/Metal Band from Ålesund, Norway.

Formerly known as Long Lasting Train (who have shared the stage with Kvelertak, Oslo Ess and Shevils, amongst others), they’ve now got two new members to their line-up, and changed the name of the band.

Hella Rebelliön consists of three members from the now extinct Long Lasting Train; Rune Nordheim - Guitar, Sindre Brunes - Drums and Øystein Westrum - Bass. Joining them we have Markus Olausen (Happy Motherfuckers) on Vocals and Espen Farstad (Stonewolf) on Guitar.

Their music is aggressive and it sounds massive and tight as hell! It’s metal but with a lot of punk elements thrown in for good measure – it’s the unique sound of Hella Rebelliön!

Hella Rebelliön will release their first album through Rob Mules Records April 27. A digital release on all digital outlets, incl. Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Apple.

The tracks are steeped in a drive and agressiveness that draws parallells to bands like Silver and Zugly. The vocalist Markus sounds like a pissed off Hank Von Helvete at his best/worst.

This sonic sledgehammer plays music that spans from the almost metallic and hard with a heavy dose of energy.

01 - Poison
02 - Death Proof
03 - K-9
04 - Kjøde
05 - Rebellion
06 - Drop The Soap
07 - F.Y.C.C
08 - Summerknife

Awesome album this one folks, one great slab of headbangin', foot stompin' hardcore punk metal is what you're getting here, so do yourselves a huge favour and purchase this sonic sledgehammer come April 27, you will not be disappointed!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

James Scott Bullard To Release 'Full Tilt Boogie' On 27 April

Photo Credit: Chad Cochran


Owning Up To Old Demons And Bad Choices Makes For A Great Country Record!

James Scott Bullard is not new to the country/Americana music scene. Having shared the stage with David Allan Coe, Butch Walker, Dex Romweber and The Steel Woods, Bullard will release Full Tilt Boogie on April 27th, which marks his 9th release and 6th LP release. Bullard is a man with many stories to tell and he tells those stories with truth and passion.

Following 2016’s EP, Box of Letters, Full Tilt Boogie is described by Bullard as “A deliberate step down from the ‘poor me’ stuff. The lovelorn songwriter gave way to the brooding demon, who owns his faults.  Musically, it’s more rock and roll, but still country. Both of those genres stem from the blues and that’s all it ever is really, from me.” Still in place are the clever one-liners that Bullard’s fans seem to appreciate, but Full Tilt Boogie is an edgier, dirtier, intoxicating ride that takes no prisoners.

Full Tilt Boogie is not only an old trucker CB term, but also it’s also a pinball term, and Tom Vadakan of Urbanwofolks translates that 70’s thread into psychedelic CD artwork. “I’ve been told this record sounds like a modern day ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ soundtrack,” said Bullard, “Which I, of course, love. Tom captured that perfectly with this cover.”

Produced by long-time collaborators, Missy Davis Jones (who also manages Bullard) and Ken “Dakota” Jones, the album was recorded in their Southern Harmony Studio in Florence, SC for the Davis Jones label, Big Mavis Records. Returning to South Carolina after “drifting a bit”, Bullard wanted to put a great band together and kept hearing two names, Jeff Springs (guitars) and Kevin Singleton (bass). They, in turn, knew other musicians and brought them in for the recording. “They are an incredible live band, but they are without a doubt, the best studio band I’ve ever heard,” said Bullard. “The one day demos were amazing.”

Born in South Carolina, Bullard claims to come from a mixed clan of Irish, German, Native American and hillbilly moonshiners. His dad was a country/bluegrass musician, which the young lover of heavy rock music found “silly” at the time. “When I began playing, I took the standard chords my dad taught me, the power chords my heroes were playing and learned all the Sabbath and Maiden I could.” Playing in local bars as a teen, he moved on to rock band in the 90’s, but slowly drifted back to country music. “My dad always said, ‘you’ll come back to your roots’, and he was right.”

“I grew up in the very rural south,” he explains. “I don’t mean this to sound arrogant at all, but there’s something about being from the south that you just ‘know’.  There’s something here in the rivers and in the soil that bleeds artistic expression. The blues were born here, which morphed into country and bluegrass and woven into gospel. Hank Williams, Little Richard, Elvis, Lynyrd Skynrd, The Allman Brothers and Tom Petty all came from here. What more proof does one need?”

Too rock and roll for mainstream country and still ‘too country’ for mainstream rock and roll, Bullard has found his niche among the outlaws. Fringe characters have championed Bullard’s music; bikers, rodeo riders, and renegades, but his audience also includes bankers, lawyers and grandmothers. “I’ve seen it all in my audience,” said Bullard, “I had a couple of 20-something young girls up-front and right next to them was a 70 year old woman who danced, clapped and whooped it up right along with them. I loved that.” Harry Kaplan, of Twangrila (an Americana music website) described Bullard as a “poet” and declared, “Something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Simpson and Price.”

Several years ago, Bullard survived an addiction and has been clean ever since. “My worst fear with becoming sober was that I wouldn’t be creative anymore,” he confesses. “Like the substances enhanced my creativity when in reality and retrospect, they stifled it.” Bullard declared himself substance-free, but it took him longer to accept responsibility for the rest of his life’s decision. That process led to fan-favorite lovelorn songs from his previous albums. Full Tilt Boogie jumps forward to where Bullard is now, owning his demons and bad choices.

James Scott Bullard is an artist who writes what he lives, with one foot rooted in faith and one foot rooted in the darker, wilder side of life. Everything you hear on Full Tilt Boogie, every note, and every word is 100% genuine. Everyone involved put his or her soul into it. As he told one interviewer, “To be a songwriter, you have to know what you’re talking about or folks will see right through you.”

01 - Lord Have Mercy
02 - Wicked Ways
03 - All To Pieces
04 - Hey Hey Mama
05 - Warpath
06 - Jesus, Jail, Or Texas
07 - Evil Lovin'
08 - Leavin' On My Mind
09 - The Next Tear
10 - Back To You

“James Scott Bullard has delivered a Southern Rock album par excellence...already on my end of year list.” - Tony Ives /Americana Music Show

"Full Tilt Boogie"! "From "Warpath" to "Jesus, Jail, Or Texas", from "Leavin 'On My Mind" to the final "Back To You" with his clear guitar duets that refer to the Allman Brothers Band of the "Eat A Peach" period, all contributes to forming a group to be strongly recommended. A (for us) beautiful discovery." - Lonestar Time

"'Full Tilt Boogie' sees songs such as Lord, Have Mercy, Wicked Ways, the sublime and rather fabulous Jesus, Jail, or Texas, Leavin’ On My Mind and Back To You inhale deeply, take in the rush of air that surveys the scene from the deep south and lets go with unnerving majesty.” - Liverpool Sound and Vision

“The raw, high-energy boogie of "Hey, Hey Mama" and the swinging tempo of "Evil Lovin'," showcases Bullard's fun, delivering an edgier country rock sound.” - J. Pasinski/JP's Music Blog

This is one great album of superb twang, all killa no filla, and you will doing yourself a huge dis-service if you don't pre-order Full Tilt Boogie on iTunes right now for $7.99 USD, get two instant gratification tracks: 'Wicked Ways' & 'Jesus, Jail, Or Texas'


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Introducing.... Max Koffler

Max Koffler has over 30 years of experience as a guitarist, singer, and music producer. He combines energetic melodies with his magically charged voice to create unique audio landscapes. Embracing pop, rock, blues, and electronic, his songs range in mood and tone from the subdued and melancholic to the buoyant and loud.

Koffler's music cannot be easily categorized, as he thrives on variation. "The work is what counts, and not the artist," says Koffler, commenting on his dedication to his craft. A sense of humble reserve has always informed Koffler's creative output, whether alone or in collaboration with other musicians.

Born in Berlin in 1978, Koffler was introduced to the guitar and violin at an early age. As a young student, Koffler played the lead role in two musicals. The family's move to Stendal, some 70-miles west of Berlin, triggered a new creative direction: In 1994 he formed the rock band Kerosin with his brother Hanno. Over a ten year period, Kerosin performed dozens of shows, and as front-man Koffler developed a following for his inspired guitar riffs. The band won several contests, and made contributions to the soundtracks of numerous TV and movie productions.

In 2000, Max began his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. After Kerosin separated in 2004, Koffler embarked on a solo career. "I love channeling the magical," he says. In 2008 his enchanting debut album Taboo was released under Sony BMG following a short concert tour in South Korea. For the tour, Koffler teamed up with Michael Hug, Aram Schneider, Clemens Koch, and Stephan Schellin, forming the band Seoulmates. In Germany they performed as an opening act for Neil Young, which led to an in-depth article in the prominent German news magazine Der Spiegel. "Life is like a one-way highway," Koffler sings – an apt analogy, for looking at his body of work, one does see clear lines of continuity, in tandem with steady movement in a forward direction.

GAMES is the title of the second album by the Berlin singer–songwriter Max Koffler. The title is fitting, because the 14 songs on this beautifully arranged LP all have a sense of playfulness, as does the album cover, which features a colorful abstract painting by Albrecht Oehlen. Beyond playfulness, GAMES defies neat categorization, however, as it contains a wide range of sounds and moods. Each track showcases a different aspect of Koffler's creative talent. The album was written over many years, meaning that each song was inspired by a different time and place.

Six tracks were recorded with the band Seoulmates. One track, "The Boldest Cats," was performed with the participants of a music seminar called Mix with the Masters.

The final track on the album – the only song in German – was written by Max Koffler together with his brother Hanno. All of the remaining songs were produced by Max alone in his Berlin studio.

These songs are clearly the product of extensive experimentation, yet Koffler does not strive for artificial purity or perfection. "Songs need to have rough edges and be a bit raw. Many musicians focus on ironing out errors, but this sanitizes the sound. We do the opposite, preserving the rough edges while letting them enrich the music. As a result, the songs feel more organic; they become more interesting." In this way, Koffler embraces creative accidents, and makes them integral to the composition. The Grammy award-winning Jimmy Douglass, who mixed the entire album at his Magic Mix Studios in Miami, describes this approach as "emphasizing the good things."

On the album, energetic vocals are augmented by carefully dosed synthetic sounds and electronic beats. The songs explore a range of moods, from the melancholic and wistful to the upbeat and carefree. Many tracks display powerful vocals and an infectious rhythm. "Choose Your Fate," a poetic ode to Berlin and its special sense of freedom, introduces the listener to a vibrant playground of sound.

Another track on the album, "Long Lost Land," is infused with a more sentimental spirit. The Seoulmates Michael Hug, Aram Schneider, Clemens Koch and Stephan Schellin tantalize listeners with perfect rhythm and melody, while Koffler showcases his hypnotic talents as a vocalist. In total, six tracks on the album were performed in collaboration with the Seoulmates.

"The Boldest Cats" breaks loose with a catchy pop beat. Max captivates the listener with his crisp and energy-laden voice. The background vocals, which were developed as part of the Mix With The Masters seminar, gives this track a unique harmonic depth.

The last song on the album – “Wenn” – is the only song in German. But it stands apart for other reasons as well. The piano and guitar on this track engage in a musical dialogue, coalescing beautifully with percussion sounds and electronic effects, thus creating an enchanting, electric tension. Max’s brother Hanno sings on this track, until the end of the song when Max responds ironically in a manner redolent of the Beatles. The song is a fitting capstone to the album, and seems to hint that much more is to come.

GAMES has a complexity and depth that is not quickly exhausted. Listeners are sure to continually re-visit this energetic and addictive album.

The album's label, sonsounds, was founded under the auspices of the Berlin art gallery galerie son, where Max works as a gallerist. Max's work with the visual arts is sure to have partially inspired GAMES, as the album is a colorful and vibrant journey to new playgrounds of sound. - Anna Sátra

The album was released 3 March 2017

01 - Choose Your Fate (Single Release: 1 January 2018)
02 - Europaroma
03 - Limits (Single Release: 19 December 2017)
04 - The Fire Is Yours (Single Release: 5 December 2017)
05 - Love Songs
06 - Shake Hands
07 - The Boldest Cats
08 - Big Chart (Single Release: 3 March 2018)
09 - Purple (Single Release: 12 December 2017)
10 - Saranghae Seoul
11 - May I Ask (Single Release: 4 April 2018)
12 - Watergum (Single Release: 2 February 2018)
13 - Long Lost Land
14 - Wenn

Tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 06 & 11: Max Koffler
Tracks 05, 08, 09, 10, 12 & 13: Max Koffler & Seoulmates
Track 07: Max Koffler & The Jimmy Douglass Mix With The Masters Class
Track 14: Max & Hanno Koffler

Apart from the first three tracks, this is quite a good album and a worthy addition to your music collection, and if like me, you don't like the opening three tracks, do as I do and skip them and enjoy the rest of the album, you'll be glad you did, I know that I was.

Stream the album:  Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer / Tidal

Purchase:  iTunes