Monday, January 1, 2018


02 - BLAZING HALEY - Blazing Haley
03 - THE BOIS D'ARCS - Late Night Train
04 - THE COWMEN - Shovel
05 - CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED - April's Girlfriend
06 - DEADMEN'S SUIT - Run For It
07 - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - Perfect Timing
08 - HOOTS AND HELLMOUTH - Home For Supper
09 - MARY MARY - Boy Named Sue
10 - NEW BEN FRANKLINS - Whatever Happened To What's His Name?
11 - NOCONA - Long Gone Song
12 - PETE ROSS & THE PAESANOS - You Were On My Mind
13 - RECKLESS KELLY - Wandering Eye
14 - REDNECK GREECE DELUX - Mama Was A Dancer At The Clermont Lounge
15 - ROY DAVIS & THE DREGS - Till The Night Is Gone
17 - SHORTSTACK - Wreckin' Ball
18 - STEAM DONKEYS - Can't Find A Place To Stay
19 - THE SURREAL McCOYS - Sweet F.A.

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01 - BEDLAM KNIVES - Hate Affair
03 - BRASS KNUCKLE BOOGIE - The Brass Knuckle Boogie
04 - DETONATIONS - Victim
05 - DODGE CITY OUTLAWS - Horsemen From Hell
06 - THE DOG'S D'AMOUR - Quick Joey Small
07 - EVILMRSOD & THE PALE RYDERS - Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore
08 - FIVE HORSE JOHNSON - I Can't Shake It
09 - GREGG TURNER - Kremlin Dogs
10 - IT'S IMMATERIAL - Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune)
11 - THE LAZY COWGIRLS - Reacurrin' Thang
12 - LEFT FOR DEAD - Beware The Moon
13 - LIME SPIDERS - -Volatile
14 - LOVE SORES - Rock And Roll Animal
15 - MR. RATBOY - Kiss 'n' Kill
16 - NOMOTION - Torture By Ravens (Radio Edit)
18 - STRAY CATS - Please Don't Touch
19 - THE VICTIMS - Take It As It Comes
20 - THE WOGGLES - Flash Flood

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Monday, December 18, 2017


02 - THE CADILLAC THREE - Ain't That Country
03 - THE CAPTAIN LEGENDARY BAND - Heartbroke Bank Robbery
04 - CARBAYO - Binion's About To Die
05 - DONNA DUNNE & THE MYSTERY MEN - Man Without Command
07 - FRED J. EAGLESMITH - I Ain't Ever Givin' In
08 - GALLOWS BOUND - Black Widow Woman
10 - JIM WHITE WITH HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - Earnest T. Bass At Last Finds The Woman Of His Dreams
11 - JIMMIE VAN ZANT - King Of Nothing
12 - LEAVING, TX - Father's Son
15 - MO ROBSON BAND - Adios, Goodbye
16 - THE ROUTE 66 KILLERS - Bloody Basin
17 - TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS - Before The Devil Knows We're Dead
18 - VAN ZANT - I'm Doin' Alright
19 - VANDOLIERS - Pantego
20 - THE WHITE BUFFALO - Border Town / Bury Me In Baja

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The Hazytones Announce Huge 2018 Winter Tour + Awesome S/T Debut Album Available As Limited Edition Vinyl

Mick Martel: Vocals/Guitar, Adam Gilbert: Bass/Vocals, Ulrick La Mast: Drums, Photo Credit: Brooke Dee

The Hazytones, a three piece band from Montreal have, since their 2015 inception, been kicking some serious ass around the live circuits of their Canadian home turf. The Hazytones jam a groove of hard and stoner rock blended with touches of bluesy psych that has a distinct but not overpowering retro feel, a feel perfect for an underground scene dominated by bands looking backwards towards the hard rock of the 70's. Scorching guitar solos and fuzz drenched crunching power chords, vocals, clean, clear and powerful, big burly bass lines, a dazzling display of power and finesse ... the three musicians combining to create grooves that can be heavy and face melting one minute and laid back and lysergic the next.

The Hazytones have just announced a huge US winter tour - their first ever - spanning with width of the US and including dates in Mexico and Canada. Please see the above flyer for a full list of dates.

"The Hazytones" is an album that could as easily find its way onto the playlist of an avid 70's hard rock collector as it could that of the most discerning stoner/psych/doom fan. From the Sabbath-esque opener "Light Of The Day", with it's familiar vocal melody (Sabbath's "Hole In The Sky") and catchy guitar riff, through to the Swedish retro-like grooves of final track "Moonstruck" there is a feeling of the past and the present coming together to create something totally new yet oddly recognizable. (reviewed by Desert Psychlist)

For fans of Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Kadavar, Witchfynde.

01. Light Of The Day
02. Fool's Paradise
03. Free From Your Spell
04. Marked By The Devil
05. Children Of The Universe
06. Day Of The Dead
07. Kill To Survive
08. Living On The Edge
09. Moonstruck

Oak Island Records:

200 copies on blue vinyl.
100 copies on pink/purple splatter (EXCLUSIVE KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ mailorder edition).
All on high performance vinyl pressed by Pallas Group/Germany.
Compact Disc.

Hazytones Bandcamp:

Special Edition translucent red two tone splatter Ripple Music vinyl. Only 80 made, 1 remaining.
Clear vinyl from Ripple Music. 9 remaining.
Blue vinyl from Oak Island Records. Edition of 200, 10 remaining.
Digital Album.
Compact Disc Second Edition.

Ripple Music Bandcamp:

Milky clear "hazy tone" vinyl. Edition of 100.
Compact Disc 4 Panel Digipak.

Pale Grey Lore's S/T Awesome Debut Album Released On Limited Edition Vinyl

Adam Miller: Drums, Donovan Johnson: Bass, Michael Miller: Guitar/Vocals, Xander Roseberry: Guitar/Backing Vocals

Utilizing lyrical themes and imagery drawn from science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror, Columbus Ohio's Pale Grey Lore create heavy, fuzzed-out rock and roll that is spacey and psychedelic, yet focused and concise. Melodic vocals and tasteful harmonies echo alongside thunderous drums, while fuzz-drenched reverberating guitars push demon-haunted vintage amplifiers to the brink.

Originally released on CD and digital download in June of 2016, Pale Grey Lore's self-titled debut album is now released on vinyl via German label Kozmik Artifactz's imprint Oak Island Records. Conceived as a series of surreal vignettes, each track depicts allegorical scenes from a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world in which the lines between science and the occult, technology and superstition, are hopelessly blurred. Spanning the genres of psych rock, doom metal, post-punk and drone pop, the album's nine tracks are refreshingly diverse, yet part of a remarkably coherent whole that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts.

The band says: "People have been comparing us to Uncle Acid and The Black Angels, and we couldn't be happier with those comparisons!"

01. The Conjuration
02. Life In The Hive
03. Black Sun Rise
04. Spiders
05. She Radiates
06. Ruins
07. Woe Betide Us
08. Tell The Masters
09. Grave Future

Limited Edition Vinyl: 300 copies on orange vinyl 17 €.
High quality pressing by Pallas Group Germany.
Digital Album $7 USD or more.
Compact Disc $10 USD.

Monday, December 11, 2017


01 - AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - Kickin' Up Dirt
02 - ARMS & HEARTS - On The Waterfront
05 - THE BOTTLE ROCKETS - Every Kinda Everything
06 - THE DIVORCEES - Boonies
07 - GREEN ON RED - Frozen In My Headlights
09 - HYACINTH HOUSE - European Rails
11 - LANGHORNE SLIM - Tipping Point
12 - THE MORELLS - Popbelly
13 - THE MYSTIX - Rattled
14 - NIGEL BENNETT - Another Day
15 - NO RIVER CITY - Jacy Farrow
16 - OKKERVIL RIVER - Singer Songwriter
17 - PSYCHO MUTANTS - Dirt Desert
18 - RODNEY PARKER - Bring Me My Gun
19 - TOM GILLAM - Had Enough

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02 - ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - The Punk Prayer
03 - THE BOOGIE PUNKERS - Wasted Time
04 - BORRACHO -  Border Crossing
05 - BRIAN JAMES - Baby She Crazy
06 - DARK EMBRACE - Time Will Tell
07 - DENIZ TEK - Crossroads
08 - DRIVEN BY IMPACT - Building Fear
09 - FIREBALLS - I Got No Brain
11 - FREEDOM HAWK - My Road
12 - FUZZ EVIL - Better Off Alone
13 - THE INMATES - Sweet Lovin'
15 - MIKE HUDSON & THE PAGANS - Detention Home
16 - MILWAUKEE WILDMEN - Dark Shadows
17 - MISSISSIPPI BONES - Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist)
18 - NIGEL BENNETT - Both Sides Now
19 - PSYCHO MUTANTS - Baby Go Now

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Monday, December 4, 2017

One Of 2016's Most Celebrated Records Finally Comes To Vinyl - This Is Snowchild's "Age Of Change"

Wichita fuzzers, Snowchild, have managed to birth an album that comes on like a churning maelstrom of sound, and continues to punch listeners in the face with a heavy sound that mimics the stoner rock of yore, but is also undeniably their own. This album was made for vinyl, and may be one of the more celebrated releases of this year.

"Kansas trio Snowchild throw stoner, psych, blues and hard rock into a big melting pot, chuck in a big dollop of groove and serve it molten hot! Amazing blend of doom styles , yet always maintaining a Sabbath vibe throughout. I also am reminded of Pallbearer at times. This reminds me of the first few Sahg records, but with a tiny bit more doom and quite a bit more blues elements. Like Sahg meets Cream. There is an awesome organ part in track 2, even though Snowchild seems to be and sounds like a power trio. Superb stuff." - Stoned Meadow of Doom

"Thick as mud, yet as crystal clear as a super moon on a cloudless night, Snowchild releases Age of Change in a haze of fuzzed out psychedelic doom rock." -

Snowchild are:

Larry Donaldson - Vocals & Bass
Dustin Roberts - Guitar
Chad Duncan - Drums

01. Age Of Change
02. Born In Flames
03. Kings Of Koch
04. Boudica

Available as CD & Limited Edition Vinyl

Release Date: 22nd December 2017

- 200x red/black marbled vinyl (111 of which are handnumbered as MAILORDER edition, the rest will be sold by the band and a few selected distributors)
- 200x transparent orange vinyl
- 100x black vinyl
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- Deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- Special vinyl mastering
- Compact Disc

Are You Ready For "2600 A.D. And Other Astonishing Tales" By Mississippi Bones? Buckle In....

Mississippi Bones formed in the flat lands of Hardin County, Ohio in 2010 as a two man studio project, thanks to some free studio time, with no other motive than to lay down some rock and no intentions of a future. In the last 7 years the rock has not stopped. They have moved from a two to a six man (5 men 1 lady) band, but the goal remains the same … laying down fat slabs o'rock.

Some say you hear Clutch influences in their music, maybe, but listen to their albums and you'll be blown away by how much more you're about to discover. Soul, blues and southern rock have never been combined with heavy riffing and catchy melodies like this.

"12 more songs that rattle and crash with incredible energy, enthusiasm, and elegance. When I listen through this album I hear elements of Clutch, which makes this music quite exciting to me, but that is only the starting point for what they've created here. … just sheer raucous rock n roll pleasure, a fierceness of execution, and a keen sense of joy." -

"Big rock riffs, great lyrics, crazy song titles, brilliant cover art and it just begs to ask one big question - how are this Band not one of the biggest on the planet? The album as a whole is a little bit darker and heavier than the one before but is still always easy on the ear and continues to reward repeated listening. So there we have it - a combination of maximum riffing, educated lyrics and catchy songs - what's not to like?" - 10/10 @

Mississippi Bones are:

Dusty Donley- Guitars
Jared Collins- Vocals
Derik Dunson- Guitars, Vocals
Jason Rector- Bass
Jason Miller- Drums
Heather Collins- Backing Vocals

01. Bakshi To The Future
02. Butcher Of The 9 Lunar Mansions
03. Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist)
04. Sleep Atlas At Last
05. Robot Kaiju Hullabaloo
06. 2600 AD - Jared Vs The Space Invaders
07. The Eulogy of Captain Sam Quint
08. Greener Pastures (I Hear Chernobyl Is Nice This Time Of Year)
09. Metaphor Is Just A Word
10. The Fly In Your Ointment
11. Thank You For Listening

Available as Limited Edition Vinyl

Release Date: 22nd December 2017

- 200x yellow/red/white marbled vinyl (111 of which are handnumbered as MAILORDER edition, the rest will be sold by the band and a few selected distributors)
- 100x black vinyl
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- Deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- Special vinyl mastering

Introducing.... American Space Monkey

American Space Monkey is an aggressive band from Vancouver BC Canada, whose combined Punk and Metal influences blend together into a unique version of Noise Rock. Needless to say feedback is a favourite note in between groove driven stoner hardcore. Very noisy, often fast paced, but will change direction without any warning.

Forged from the ruins of the member’s old bands, American Space Monkey came to be during the summer of 2014.

“We have a history of imploding in on ourselves, quitting, and eventually starting up again.”

If you trace the steps back far enough, Cody Derkach and Kyle Kary started the band in a dingy basement in Cranbrook BC. Then called Fiesta Finger, the members started creating music solely for their own amusement. A few months in, shows started happening, and the idea of being in a band started to feel much more real. The shows gradually grew in size and success, which lead to an initial EP, and Canadian tour. It was at this point that the first implosion occurred.

The band removed the sole songwriter, recruited Justin Stadig, a new guitarist, scrapped their entire catalogue of music, and essentially started over, all the while still being called Fiesta Finger. Again, the shows grew, opening for major touring bands like Protest The Hero, 3 Inches of Blood, The Brat Attack and The Class War Kids, along with a second Canadian Tour. This all lead to the recording of the band's first full length album, which ultimately brought the band to its demise. Unhappy with the album, and each other, everyone quit.

Fast forward 1 year, Cody, Kyle and Justin had each coincidently moved to Vancouver. Having remarkably short memories, they decided to scrap every single song ever written or recorded, and start anew, as Idiot Switch, The Morgan Abduction. Shows started up again, recording of a new full length album went underway, until the band again, parted ways, and stopped talking to each other.

After some more down time, the idea of reforming emerged once again. Getting back together once more, adding Adam Redding as the bassist and again nixing every single song from every previous versions of the band, they started back up as American Space Monkey.

With a live presence that could be described as chaotic, menacing and awkward the band has toured Canada multiple times over the past 10 years and were lucky enough to open for Canadian bands such as Protest the Hero, Three Inches of Blood and Means (Northcote).

American Space Monkey is looking to tour Canada once more in the summer of 2018.

1. Fiesta Finger by Fiesta Finger

The old band's oldest release.

Released July 1, 2008.

Recorded in some guys basement in Kimberley BC. They think he was a friend of someone's.

All songs written by Ken Clinton, Shamon McKenzie, Kyle Martyn, Cody Derkach and Kyle Kary.

01 - Hiding Doesn't Help
02 - Learning Curve(s)
03 - A New You
04 - Statuesque
05 - No One Can Save The Whales

Ken Clinton - Guitars
Cody Derkach - Vocals
Kyle Martyn - Bass
Kyle Kary - Drums
Shamon McKenzie - Sex Appeal

Name Your Price Digital Download

2. Jesus And Friends by Fiesta Finger

The old band's only full length album.

Released June 1, 2010.

Recorded and engineered by Matt McKenzie

All songs written by Cody Derkach, Josh Deglow and Kyle Kary, except Shatting Prancer written by Ken Clinton, Cody Derkach and Kyle Kary.

01 - Death Casket
02 - D.A.T.M.
03 - Asiago Fun Dip
04 - Angel Abortion
05 - Intro
06 - Shatting Prancer
07 - Venetian Snub Vendetta
08 - Ode To The Crawnicorn
09 - 9

Cody Derkach - Right Handed Guitar/Vocals
Josh Deglow - Bass
Kyle Kary - Drums
Justin Stadig - Moral Support
Matt McKenzie - Banjo and some other stuff

Name Your Price Digital Download

3. The Procrastination Tapes (2014 Demos) by American Space Monkey

A collection of unreleased demos recorded throughout 2014.

Their original plan to release an EP was scrapped when Cody joined the band, as they decided to write more music, and work towards a full length album.

Released March 25, 2015.

Recorded in East Van during the summer and fall of 2014. Recorded and mixed by Justin Stadig.

01 - 7
02 - Season 1
03 - Death By Suicide, Girls And Whiskey

Justin Stadig - Wrong Handed Guitar/Vocals
Cody Derkach - Good Vibes n' High Fives
Adam Redding - Bass
Kyle Kary - Drums

Name Your Price Digital Download

4. Launch Failure by American Space Monkey

This confusingly timed album release. Recorded throughout 2015 prior to finding Kaija Marie (new vocalist), this album features both guitar players sharing vocal duties. This album was recorded 100% DIY by the band.

Rest assured new recordings are in the works with Kaija on the microphone.

Released May 19, 2016.

01 - Dad Plowers
02 - Lords Of The Land
03 - Westward Expansion
04 - Beerd
05 - Falsehoods And Fantasies
06 - Season One
07 - 43% Botched
08 - Self Defence Fucking
09 - The Human Genome
10 - Fail Satan

Adam Redding - Bass/Naps
Cody Derkach - Right Handed Guitar/Vocals
Justin Stadig - Wrong Handed Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Kary - Drums

Name Your Price Digital Download / Limited Edition Blue Cassette for $10 CAD or more, only 100 printed

5. Mk:III by American Space Monkey

In the most typical fashion possible for them, they decided to spend a year writing (mostly) new songs with a new vocalist for the sake of recording a "proper" album in a legit studio. After achieving all of this, they decided they didn't want to play these songs anymore, and to some extent ended this version of the band.

Released March 1, 2017

Recorded/Mixed by Mark McKitrick at Rain City Recorders. Mastered by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders.

Music by American Space Monkey. Lyrics by Kaija Marie.

01 - Leech Waters
02 - Shinigami
03 - 43% Botched
04 - Metapod
05 - Book Of Lies
06 - Intro
07 - Top Shelf Glitter Box
08 - Dick Kicking Cock Knocker
09 - I Eat Ass For The Lord

Adam Redding - Bass
Cody Derkach - Guitars/Vocals
Justin Stadig - Wrong Handed Guitar/Vocals
Kaija Marie - Vocals
Kyle Kary - Drums

Name Your Price Digital Download / Limited Edition Fluorescent Cassette for $10 CAD or more

This is the only pressing of this cassette they're doing, and they only made 62 copies.

Fluorescent tapes and cases make any party more fun!

They weren't sure what was next, but regardless of everything, they're proud of these songs and had a blast writing and recording them.

But in typical fashion, they now have a 6 song EP coming out 31 December 2017 called Crash Landing.

Crash Landing was recorded, mixed, engineered and produced by Kyle Anderson at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver BC Canada. The album was mastered by Greg Mindorff (Grammy Nominated) at Suite Sound Labs.

This time American Space Monkey are:

Adam Redding - Bass/Tequila Shots
Cody Derkach - Right Handed Guitar/Vocals
Justin Stadig - Vocals/Wrong Handed Guitar
Kyle Kary - Drums/General Indifference

All lyrics were written by Justin Stadig. Music by American Space Monkey.

01 - Fuck
02 - You
03 - All
04 - ! (Doo Dat Dat Do Dat Do Dat)
05 - We
06 - Quit

This is one quite good EP folks, a short and sweet noise rock delight, and apparently the final album, which you can pre-order for $1 CAD or more from HERE!!

The minimum price is set to $1+, as that is the minimum allowed price for pre-orders on Bandcamp. We'll reset this to $0 on release day as we want everyone to have access to the album, regardless of money. That said, recording music costs us money, so we greatly appreciate any cash sent our way, but again we want anyone and everyone to be able to download the album, regardless of their financial situation.

American Space Monkey

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Welcome Return From Dark Embrace With Awesome New Album 'The Call Of The Wolves'

Dark Embrace is a Spanish band influenced by the dark subgenres of Heavy Metal.

The band was born in Galicia, northwest area of Spain, which may explain their creative obsession with everything dark-related. Originally founded in June 2000, the band produced three demo works from 2000 to 2004. These works showed the spirit and potential of the band, getting good reviews from the Metal press.

In 2005 the band recorded their first album at Stage One Studio (Tankard, Rotting Christ, etc..) with Andy Classen (ex-Holy Moses). After inking a deal with German label Armageddon Music (later Wacken Records), Dark Embrace saw their first official album, The Rebirth Of Darkness, launched through the Internet with digital distribution. From 2006 to 2008, the band increased their success with a good amount of shows and tours with different famed bands such as Sepultura, Amon Amarth, Destruction, Watain, etc...

After an hiatus of 6 years, the band started to work on their new album, The Call Of The Wolves, with the mighty Snowy Shaw behind the drum-kit (ex-member from bands such as King Diamond, Sabaton, Therion, Dimmu Borgir). The recording sessions took place through Sweden and Spain at Sound Industry Studios and Estudios Mafia. The mastering of the album was done by well-known Swedish producer Jens Bogren (Kreator, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity amongst others) at Fascination Street Studios.

The Call Of The Wolves was released on 10 November 2017 by 7 Hard Records with awesome artwork created by Gustavo Sazes who already has done work for Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Kamelot.

Dark Embrace and the new album, The Call Of The Wolves, are bringing power and freshness to the metal music scene.

This is one awesome metal album and should be an essential part of any headbanger's collection, so do yourselves a huge favour and purchase this great slab of metal from any of the online retailers listed below.


Formosa Release Video Of 1st Single "Love On The Highway" From Upcoming Album

Founded 2015 in Ruhr Valley, Essen. German trio Formosa has everything needed to rock your day! With hot live shows, lots of beerful energy and their unique sexy attitude they make sure every show is a show to remember. These guys know what they are doing – classic hard rock, stunning riffs and catchy refrains are meeting a good amount of humor and enthusiasm.

In 2016, they released their debut-album “Tight And Sexy”, supported by their indie-label Sweepland Records. Toured Europe during 2017 promoting the album with over 70 live shows and are looking to take off with a brand-new album in 2018.

Formosa are as hot as their fans, and whenever you need some fine hard rock, you know where to get it.

Band Members are NikBird: Bass & Vocals / NikBeer: Guitars / Jakob: Drums of doom

New Single out now! "Love On The Highway" is the first single off the upcoming album "Sorry For Being Sexy" which will be released 02 March 2018! The video was shot during the "Never Stop Rock`n`Roll Tour 2017" in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

You can purchase this great single, and you should, for €1.29 EUR from HERE!!

Driven By Impact Have Released Great Self-Titled Debut EP

In the band's own words in Googlish:

Finally it is done! In 14 long months, characterized by various adversities and circumstances, the recordings of our debut EP were produced, mixed and mastered by Eugene Getman (SARIOLA). Because the tracks transport very well our concept of claim and sound. It’s a fucking DRIVEN BY IMPACT, well written monoliths of brutal and twisted death. So the ultra-heavy, simplistic sound and every riff is blazing fast or full of deadly groove incredibly addictive, so much so you’ll surely run through your heads... Full with punch-through force, technically sophisticated and with a good mixture of brutality, blastbeats, groove and melody. Thought structures as well as a powerful atmosphere crown this EP. The texts deal with serious topics such as suicide and depression (AN EXPERIENCE IN RED, Burning Bridges). Processing and farewell to life sections (Building Fear, Monstrosity of Life). But also the subject of something natural does not come too short, just listen to Place of Gore or Arise from Ashes ... We are happy about the completion, publication and the chance to write another chapter band history. And, of course, we hope to win new audiences and fans. This is followed by promotion and live planning. We look forward to every opportunity to present our music and to let the listener participate in our fun, which we have live and during the rehearsals. The band was founded in the spring of 2015 and since the autumn of this year the line-up has been composed by Roman Rowinski (drums) Eugen Rutz (vocals // Ex-MENTAL WAR / DEMISE EMPIRE), Kim van Geel (guitar // Ex-BITTER PIECE) , Jens Schäfer (Guitar // Ex-LOST CENTURY / THOUGHT SPHERE / MOMENT OF DETONATION) and Constantin Christ (bass). We are passionate about how to make a hard time. Modern and classic elements are combined to create a seething mix of Groove and (Melodic) Death elements. In December 2015, we passed our live baptism. There followed further gigs with partly insane and really great reactions. Altogether, we've played a few gigs so far, and more are confirmed and planned. With the EP in the back we want to use the new energy and drive our commitment. We're excited about what's going on ... DEATH IS THE ONLY CURE - sourced

Googlish from website: In 14 long months, characterized by various adversities and circumstances, the recordings of our debut EP were produced, mixed and mastered by Eugene Getman (SARIOLA). Because the tracks transport very well our concept of claim and sound.

Full with punch-through force, technically sophisticated and with a good mixture of brutality, blastbeats, groove and melody. Thought structures as well as a powerful atmosphere crown this EP. The texts deal with serious topics such as suicide and depression (AN EXPERIENCE IN RED, Burning Bridges). Processing and farewell to life sections (Building Fear, Monstrosity of Life). But also the subject of something supernatural does not come too short, just listen to Place of Gore or Arise from Ashes...

01 - Prologue
02 - Building Fear
03 - Burning Bridges
04 - Interludium
05 - Experience In Red
06 - Place Of Gore
07 - Arise From Ashes
08 - Monstrosity Of Life

German Melodic Death Groove Metallers have released an awesome debut EP which should be in every metalhead's collection, you can purchase this great slab of metal as a Digital Album for €5 EUR or more / Compact Disc for €10 EUR from HERE!! You will not be disappointed.