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Cecilia Pellegrini: Guitar/Vocals, Simone Pippi: Drums, Marcello Rossi: Vocals/Guitar, Federico Seghi: Bass
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Forming 2012 as a trio, Bongley Dead from Ponte Buggianese, Italy are an Indie Rock Band with a bit of Garage and Power Pop thrown in for good measure. They became a quartet during 2017 with the addition of Cecilia Pellegrini.

They have released five great albums which won't disappoint, you can and should grab these great slabs of music, which are free direct downloads generously provided by Federico, by clicking on the title of the album.

[2012] Demo 1

[2013] Demo 2^2

[2014] Demo 3

[2015] 4

[2017] Undici

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01 - BLACK TUSK - Desolation In Endless Times
02 - BONEHAWK - Tonight We Ride
03 - BONGLEY DEAD - By The Gravity
04 - FAZ WALTZ - Fingers In My Brain
05 - THE FOCKE WOLVES - Undone
06 - GIN LADY - Mexico Avenue
08 - HOLY MOLY & THE CRACKERS- Cold Comfort Lane
12 - ROB ZOMBIE - Medication For The Melancholy
13 - ROTUNDA - Spitting Feathers
14 - SKI'S COUNTRY TRASH - Hell Yeah
15 - SONIC MEDUSA - Medusa
17 - the UgLy - Behind The Rows
18 - THE TWANG-O-MATICS - Black Cat
20 - WHITENAILS - Silver Linings

160k - 256k
122.52 Mb
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The Death Roots Syndicate is a Free Digital Download label specializing in the promotion of Dark Music including but not limited to Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots Music.


1. [2013] The Death Roots Syndicate

The Death Roots Syndicate is proud to present this monster of a compilation, the first of which we hope will be many. What you get here is nearly one and a half hours of Dark Country / Folk / Americana / Blues and Roots artists from around the world. Features a mix of previously released songs along with a few unreleased tracks! The aim of this compilation is to help introduce this fairly obscure genre to a wider audience by offering it completely free to any of you that happen to stumble upon it. Please support the artists you like by purchasing their albums/merch and feel free to spread this as far as possible!

01 - Slate Dump - Mothman's Revenge
02 - Jim Strange with The Proud And The Damned - Bad Deeds
03 - T. Junior - Let Me Be
04 - Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints - Sawney Bean
05 - Whitfield Fahrenheit - This Old House
06 - Joel Kaiser - Better Than Debt
07 - The Sad Bastard Book Club - The Choir Of Knives Must Sing For Its Supper
08 - Hells Fire Sinners - Paralyzed
09 - Craig Hughes - Old Witch Cast A Spell
10 - Muleskinner Jones - Little Dead Riding Hood
11 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - St Vincent Street Blues
12 - Sumerias Fain - The Pilgrimage
13 - Curwen - Crawlspace
14 - Bishop and Atheist - Party Girl
15 - B-TOON - Empty Grave
16 - OldBoy - Still Waters
17 - JB Nelson - Skull Collector
18 - Reverend Elvis - Mournin'
19 - SwampWolf - When The World Collides
20 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Old Father Death
21 - A Minor Plague - Ride Careful
22 - Jim Dead - Untitled (Acoustic)
23 - stroszek - secret of the earth

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2. [2014] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume II

A trip through American Roots Music's Dark Underbelly. Volume II in an ongoing series of Death Roots compilations. Another 23 tracks totaling 1 1/2 hours of Dark Country/Folk/Americana/Blues.

01 - Slate Dump - Hemlock
02 - Black Claw - Factual Accusations
03 - Grännibueb - The Other Side (End It Now) - (Drum Version)
04 - Danny Wildcard - R.U.N.
05 - The Schomberg Fair - Fire In The Dark
06 - Warren Jackson Hearne And Le Leek Electrique - La Llorona De Las Montañas
07 - Jim Strange With The Proud And The Damned - Carry On
08 - M.M.S. Kaiser - How Far We've Come
09 - Sergeant Kowalski & The Ghost Band - The Perfect Drug
10 - Welcome Little Stranger - The Governor's Ball
11 - The Mussy Cluves - Bohobuchobba
12 - Shewreck - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
13 - Saint Christopher - Lost, Weak & Alone
14 - t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling - Betting On Your Dying Day
15 - Roselit Bone - Creek Run Red
16 - Sons Of Perdition - Paying My Debts
17 - JB Nelson - Killing Off Old Memories
18 - Bishop And Atheist - Poor Little Lucifer
19 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Song Of The Sin-Eater
20 - Uncle Sinner - You Got To Die
21 - Christian Williams - The Long Drop
22 - Jerad Rykken - In The Somber Field
23 - Grouxsome Catface - Painnn

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3. [2014] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume III

The Third Volume in an ongoing series of Compilations dedicated to Dark Roots Music.

01 - Slate Dump - Make Me
02 - Whitfield Fahrenheit - Straight Razor Jack
03 - Slackeye Slim - Old John Boy
04 - Jesus And The Groupies - Betsy
05 - In The Land Of The Blind... - She Is Mine
06 - Moose Roberts - It's A Crime And Shame
07 - Cyanna Mercury - Ode To The Absent Father
08 - Sasha Boole - Iron And Stone
09 - Reverend Elvis - Midnight Train
10 - Bang Bang Band Girl - Lies
11 - t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling - Nothing Is Always Certain
12 - Os Penitentes - Corpo-Seco
13 - Brakkenor - Beautifully Rotten
14 - Trash Colapso & His Scrap Metal Truck! - El Vampiro
15 - Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints - Black Is The Colour
16 - SwampWolf - Inferno
17 - OldBoy - Even Less
18 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Ingest
19 - Pigeon Petal - Reverie
20 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Worried Blues On My Mind
21 - Junk - Superstring
22 - The Krucifixion - Death Gospel
23 - Sons Of Perdition - In The Air Tonight

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4. [2015] Death Roots Syndicate: The End

Final Dirges To The End Times.

Spread this like the Scourge that it is...

"This programme to stop nuclear by 2020 is just crazy. If there were a nuclear war, and humanity were wiped out, the Earth would breathe a sigh of relief." - James Lovelock

01 - Reverend Walker - Revelation
02 - Black Claw - Upon Their Greedy Demise
03 - Ghostwitch - Chains III
04 - Sons Of Perdition - The Tomb Of Daniel Parker
05 - Cyanna Mercury - The Four Horsemen (Aphrodite's Child Cover)
06 - Jim Strange with The Proud And The Damned - No One
07 - Rotten Possum - Oh Dark Lord
08 - Dead Bronco - Dead Bronco
09 - Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - Darkworld
10 - Yuma Sun - They Are Gone
11 - Muleskinner Jones - Kathleen
12 - Seuora - Deep & Dark
13 - Hells Fire Sinners - Eye's Go Black
14 - Nomotion - Berlin After War
15 - The Giant Undertow - French Ambassador
16 - Devil's Holler - The Darkness
17 - Slackeye Slim - It Was A Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra Cover)
18 - Dead Soldiers - Ironclad
19 - Captain Catfeesh - Droning In The River
20 - Deadmen's Suit - Misery Train
21 - J. Kowalski & The Ghost Band - Come To Me
22 - Bishop and Atheist - The Altar Of Sleep
23 - Ghostwriter - Sailing (feat. Ralph White)
24 - OldBoy - Inaction Man
25 - Goatswamp Songs - Groundsong
26 - The Mussy Cluves - Funeral Pile
27 - Slate Dump - Disillusionment
28 - EvilMrSod - I'm Gonna Disappear
29 - Bansheerie - Daughters Of The Twilight
30 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Trouble Coming My Way
31 - Ages Olde - Arsenic River
32 - The Grindstone Retribution - Crossroads
33 - Lucas Paine - Black Ram Shuffle
34 - The Victor Mourning - Patagonie (with Tim Kerr)
35 - JB Nelson - Beautiful Darkness
36 - The Division Men - Dying To Get By
37 - Uncle Sinner - Oh Death
38 - The Last Surrealist - In The All Consuming Fires Of Sodom And Gomorrah We Make Love
39 - stroszek - when i'm gone (Phil Ochs Cover)
40 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Poor Old Devil
41 - M.M.S. Kaiser - Poison In The Well
42 - Jeremy Gilliland - On Our Way Back Home
43 - River Of Gennargentu - Fire Over The Hill
44 - t.k. bollinger - Till Exhaustion Or Collapse
45 - Jim Dead - Stealing A Mile
46 - Throw Me Off The Bridge - From The Top
47 - Leaked Period - Slide Piano
48 - ☢ - The End

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5. [2016] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume IV

The fourth excursion into the creeping depths of the Dark Roots underground. Many tracks featured here are previously unreleased.

01 - Slate Dump - Random Park Girl
02 - Muleskinner Jones - Revolutionary
03 - Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow - Junkyard
04 - Zwyntar - Танцюй і Пий (Dance & Drink)
05 - Seuora - Hush 2016
06 - Giorgos Giannopoulos - Sinner's Dream
07 - Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators - She Never Done Me Wrong
08 - L'ira dell'Agnello - Aria densa
09 - Cyanna Mercury - Pontian Carol
10 - Jim Strange - Neon Hell
11 - EvilMrSod - SxSxSx
12 - Roselit Bone - Roselit Bone
13 - JB Nelson - Sunny Expression
14 - The Giant Undertow - Lone
15 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - There Will Be Blood
16 - Cockroach Prophets - Tumša Nakte
17 - The Mussy Cluves - Omelettes On My Neck
18 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Nothing Like The Bottle
19 - M.M.S. Kaiser & His Sad Children - Peeking Thru The Cracks
20 - OldBoy - Unsure
21 - The Pissmisters - The Creeping Horror
22 - t.k. bollinger - Long Slow Suicide
23 - The Last Surrealist - Death Meditations

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6. [2016] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume V

The fifth edition in the Death Roots Syndicate compilation series features many exclusive and rare tracks from the Dark Roots Underground.

01 - Franckch - Farewell To Cheyenne
02 - Blackgrass Gospel - Stack Them Bones
03 - The Redemption's Colts - White Demons
04 - The Sad Bastard Book Club - Titled
05 - Hells Fire Sinners - Livin' Lies
06 - Ryan McKern - I've Died For So Long
07 - Pinebox Serenade - Trying
08 - Sumerias Fain - Devils Pallbearers
09 - The Parasite Paradise - Lucifer Luminous
10 - stroszek - can't make things undone
11 - King Jezuz & Duke Zatan - Szatan
12 - St. Äma - The Citys Burnin Down Tonight
13 - Jim Strange - Fuck Of The Century (With Leviticus Neptune)
14 - Reverend Black Claw - Forsaken But Not Forgotten
15 - 40RTY - God's Wounds
16 - Seuora - Call Of The Void
17 - Sardonic Sloth's Miserable Minstrel - Twelve Gauge Aneurysm
18 - Ghosts of Grandads Past - Come To My Funeral
19 - Sons of Perdition - In Service Of The Worm
20 - ViViTA - A Hex
21 - Slackeye Slim - No Place I Belong
22 - Jen Necro Cannibal - For You
23 - Roberto LeBlanc - Real Wet Too

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7. [2017] The Death Roots Syndicate Volume VI

Death Roots Syndicate presents compilation #6 with 37 more tracks and over two hours of music from the Dark Roots Underground!

01 - Sons of Perdition - The Opening
02 - Bastards and the Buzzards - Burn It Down
03 - Mamagigi's - Black Roses
04 - Phantom of the Black Hills - Dead Man
05 - Blackgrass Gospel - Gallows
06 - Heathen Apostles - Death's Head
07 - Drop Jaw John - God Can You Help Me
08 - Jeremiah Crow - Blood, Skulls, and Bats
09 - Slim Wild Boar & his Forsaken Shadow - Red is the Color
10 - Nomotion - An Opium Dream
11 - Uncle Wormwood's Medicine Show - Call Of The Void
12 - Sumerias Fain - Cicada's Moon
13 - Devil's Holler - Music and my Horse
14 - Dead Bronco - Stop Killing All My Friends
15 - Cyanna Mercury - Horse Dark As Night
16 - Dvanov - Layers
17 - Hells Fire Sinners - The Coming Of The Damned
18 - Mani Deum - The Light Inside
19 - Joe the Stripper - Same Old Night!
20 - Convivial Cannibal - Stagnate Waters
21 - SwampWolf - Silent Boat
22 - Antic Clay - Mechanically Separated Blues
23 - Jim Strange - Mercy
24 - St. Äma - Rock 'N Roll Dracula (Acoustic)
25 - t.k. bollinger - May Death Come Welcome
26 - stroszek - Cabwaylingo (Songs: Ohia)
27 - Ages Olde - Alone, Dead
28 - The Forsaken Shadow - Liquor
29 - Reverend Elvis - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Hank Thompson)
30 - OldBoy - Lost In A Crowd
31 - JB Nelson - Psycho (Leon Payne  Eddie Noack)
32 - Slate Dump - Disintegrated
33 - Danny Stitches - 428 (The Interceptor's Lament)
34 - Mistwirler - Law Yet Unbroken
35 - Bansheerie - Seven Aces
36 - Vivita - Ligeia
37 - Cavatus - Atrium

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Bound By Law is a Danish country group with roots solidly planted in the heritage of traditional American country, blues and bluegrass. The sound is rough, dusty and honest, and the lyrical universe is centered around the dark and irrational aspects of modern life. If you like the old outlaws of the genre, perhaps Bound By Law is a band for you.
1. [2012] Dying Songs

01 - Travelling Band
02 - Many More Days
03 - Scum Of The Crowd
04 - Alone
05 - Hangmans Diddley
06 - The Struggle
07 - Songbird
08 - The Jordan Execution
09 - The Dying Song
10 - Stand And Fall
11 - Take Me Home

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2. [2014] Break The Day

01 - The Live One
02 - Tuck Your Body Next To My Tomb
03 - My Old Friend
04 - Stoned
05 - Mountain Dukes
06 - Jump The Wagon
07 - Magnetic Fields
08 - Grumpy
09 - Down The Mountain Side
10 - Clear Skies
11 - 31
12 - How Long
13 - Break The Day

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3. [2016] SUPERMAJOR

01 - Coming Home
02 - Cowdray´s Old Mexican Eagle
03 - Banýa
04 - It Is On
05 - Mud And Clay
06 - Someday Baby
07 - Trees Of Old
08 - The Struggle
09 - The Dying Song
10 - Ohh No

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DOG HAND STRING BAND [2017] Tooth n Nail

Hailing from Leeds, UK and forming in late 2015, then placed on feared permanent hiatus, due to the banjo player's hand gettin 'bit off by a damn mutt'. The band, consisting mainly of members of Bootscraper, Jake and the Jellyfish, Bad Knaves and China Shop Bull, forthwith dubbed themselves Dog Hand String Band. Now they're back with working fingers, ravenous hunger, righteous ire and sinister new powers.

What is a dog hand? Poison soaked murder ballad, backwoods bluegrass, horror folk. Liquor, corruption and bad juju. Imbibe at own risk.

01 - Intro/Blood Moon Blues
02 - Threw You In The Well
03 - Aristabano Mountain Bar
04 - Gin Shop Hollow
05 - Long Live The Dead
06 - Behold The Crow

"Tooth n Nail" was recorded entirely live in a mere 2 hours, no money, no edits, no bullshit, representing the awful cacophony you'll see live. Mixed by the band's idiot banjo player/singer and mastered on the promise of a place to stay to bide out the coming apocalypse. This is the first Dog Hand. There is another on its way. Free to download. Due dirt for true devils.

Released February 7, 2017

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THE DIRTY HANKS [1990] Hanks A Lot

‘New’ Australian Country Band, The Dirty Hanks, were legends on the live scene; and dominated country music in Melbourne in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

They attracted a large ‘cult’ following, in particular, through their marathon seven year Saturday residency at the Prince Patrick Hotel, Collingwood and Thursdays at the Prince Of Wales, St Kilda.

The Dirty Hanks were often broadcast and written about, played at numerous festivals and benefits, undertook a couple of tours of Sydney and won the Victorian Country Music Awards.

01 - Let Me Get My Message Down
02 - The Wife Of Mason Kelly
03 - In Between
04 - Grown Out Of The Habit
05 - I Started To Forget

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Released June 21, 1990

Paul Cumming - Lead, Steel and Acoustic Guitars (R.I.P. - passed away August 2017)
Vivienne Gay - Vocals
Nigel Harford - Bass and Acoustic Guitars, vocals
Lance O'Reilly - Violin (R.I.P. -passed away January 2015)
Leonie Sheedy - Drums
Gordon Stooke - Vocals, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars.

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THE MYSTERY GIRLS [1983] Rock n' Roll With The Mystery Girls

Back in 1983, Mr. Ratboy was Brian Blade – the guitarist for The Mystery Girls, a Shangri-Las/Dolls/Modern Lovers-influenced combo whose only recorded legacy is a very rare acetate 33 RPM single, limited to only 5 copies with a xeroxed cover. The four tracks featured here are the far-superior demos recorded in Switzerland with a full band that included not only the future World Famous Mr. Ratboy, but also the enigmatic Zmotron, who went on to play in an early incarnation of The Dogs D’Amour under the name Mark Draxx. Download now, and be the first on your continent to hear these historical recordings.

01 - I Sing For You
02 - If I See Tears
03 - Stupid Guy
04 - Nobody Wanna Stay with Me Tonite

11.41 Mb



Taking their name, as you do, from an old Hoover vacuum model, Dirt Search Headlight was formed circa 1992 following the demise of Philly’s Red Herring and Carnival of Shame. The band featured future Sour Jazz singer Mr. Popular (Lou Paris) and drummer Splat Action (Pat Fitzgerald), alongside guitarist Mark Telling and bass player Spencer Lloyd. These tracks were recorded circa 1994 by Kramer at Noise New Jersey. The band fell apart before anything was released, but the song “Australia” did end up as the theme of the very first X Games TV special on ESPN. CLICK HERE for live footage from 1993.

01 - Australia
02 - Diane
03 - Push
04 - Outside My Window

32.78 Mb


MR. RATBOY [1998] A Gift From Mr. Ratboy

"The debut solo effort from Mr. Ratboy (Sour Jazz, Pillbox, Motorcycle Boy, Marky Ramone...) is about as perfect a Rock N' Roll record as you are likely to find in such a mess of a decade. As Pillbox's sonic architect, Mr. Ratboy reveals himself capable of writing and playing more complicated and subtle music, delicate piano, feedback and acres of space to strange melodic choruses."  — Trouser Press

CLICK HERE to watch the promo videos for "Rocket To Reno" and "A Gift".

01 - >>
02 - Down In Style
03 - Rocket To Reno
04 - A Gift
05 - Spaced Out
06 - Cruel Medicine
07 - Bad World
08 - Memory
09 - She Wants EML
10 - Kiss 'n' Kill
11 - Invisible
12 - Planet X
13 - #21
14 - Immaculate
15 - <<

85.78 Mb



1. [1993] Jimbo’s Clown Room

Between Mr. Ratboy leaving Motorcycle Boy and joining Marky Ramone’s Intruders, there was the mighty Pillbox. Together with vocalist Chris Barry (ex- 222s & 39 Steps), bassist Johnny Baum, and Screamin’ Joe Rizzo on drums, Pillbox repeatedly proved to be a antidotal neighbourhood threat to D-Generation. Their first album ‘Jimbo’s Clown Room’ was released in 1993 on the Circumstantial label and became an instant classic amongst those who regarded it as an instant classic. Download and dig... you deserve it. CLICK HERE to watch the promo video for "Holly".

01 - Get Hip
02 - Holly
03 - What She Wants
04 - Sister Caroline
05 - Bobby's Shakin' Again
06 - Sinister Urge
07 - Come Up Heroin
08 - Nowhereland
09 - Devil In My Bed
10 - 5000 Miles

78.73 Mb


2. [1995] 10" EP

Released in 1995 on Feralette Records and produced by Godfrey Diamond (producer of Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby” album), this vinyl-only 10” EP found Pillbox with a new lineup, in the shape of Mark Phelan on vocals and Barry Hughes on bass. As Trouser Press pointed out, “As Pillbox's sonic architect, Mr. Ratboy reveals himself capable of writing and playing more complicated and subtle music.” Many thanks to the Beer For Breakfast blog for the vinyl rip and scanned artwork. Click, behold, marvel.

01 - Go Down
02 - Paralyze It
03 - Automatic Baby
04 - Red Bag
05 - Blue Bag

37.29 Mb


KEVIN K WITH SOUR JAZZ [2001] Arbeit Macht Frei

Culled from shows at the Continental on St Mark's Place in September and December 2000, 'Arbeit Macht Frei' is a live work-out with Kevin K's NY band - the rhythm section of Sour Jazz (Cowboy Mark on bass and Splat Action on drums) plus producer Patrick K on extra guitar. A mix of solo material and Road Vultures tunes, it motors along nicely. Girls, drugs, misadventures and the biggest Thunders cop you ever did hear in "Hook Me Up". Released on 13th Street Records (US) and Vicious Kitten Records (Australia).

01 - Fire It Up
02 - Melody
03 - Scissors
04 - Hit The Road
05 - She
06 - La Vida Loca
07 - A Little Taste
08 - Hook Me Up
09 - I Think We're Alone Now
10 - Lives Up On A Hill
11 - Days Move So Fast
12 - Hitchin' A Ride
13 - Ramblin' Rose

91.67 Mb



Lou Paris (Mr. Popular), Mark Rubenstein (Cowboy Mark), Gilbert Avondet (Mr. Ratboy), Pat Fitzgerald (Splat Action)

Sour Jazz is a New York rock band formed by four punk rock lifers down the lower East Side at the dog-end of the last century. Having logged time with legends like Marky Ramone, Cheetah Chrome and Ian Hunter among many others, these well-traveled veterans’ original goal was to simply play music as good as their heroes – the Saints, Radio Birdman, Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople and the Stooges – and ignore the whims and fashions of a music industry which was surely bound to ignore them in return.

They’d have been happy to be a footnote.

Taking their name from a misprint on a Beasts of Bourbon bootleg (namely a mash-up of their seminal Sour Mash and Axeman’s Jazz LPs), Sour Jazz embraced the folly and futility of a life in rock from the beginning. So after numerous recordings and live performances, three labels and a couple of managers, Sour Jazz somehow survives. It’s somewhat remarkable that the band is still here, the original lineup scattered around the world but still, miraculously, intact.

Sour Jazz is led by the world-famous Tokyo-based guitarist Mr. Ratboy, whose lean, incisive tone provides the perfect counterpart to scissor-legged singer Mr. Popular’s tales of urban sleaze. And of course, the combo’s heart beats to the rhythm of bassist Cowboy Mark and drummer Splat Action, together forming a singular engine room of V8 proportion.

1. [2011] Homage To Catatonia

In June 2010, SOUR JAZZ stumbled through a series of headlining gigs in Spain, touring in support of their album, 'American Seizure.'  For this tour, SOUR JAZZ were joined by very special guest, DANIEL REY, on guitar. Apart from producing the last two SOUR JAZZ albums -- 'Rock & Roll Ligger' and 'American Seizure' -- Daniel has previously played with and produced bands such as The Ramones, Ronnie Spector, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Richard Hell, The Misfits, Nashville Pussy and countless others. Never before had so much cunning talent shared one stage. Downright historical, that's what it was. One for the history books, one for bleary-eyed fans to look back upon with equal parts fondness and disbelief. Now, SOUR JAZZ invites you to enjoy a stunning array of mega-hits from their heroically glorious back catalogue -- songs of love, songs of despair, songs of filth and of tenderness and longing. Recorded live at Sala de Apolo in Barcelona on 16 June 2010, this official live release should do the job of seriously upsetting your neighbours.

01 - Fun Dumb Daze
02 - King Me
03 - I've Got It All
04 - Rock & Roll Star
05 - I Gotta Change
06 - Masquerader
07 - Mrs. Popular
08 - Big Generator
09 - I Wanna Live
10 - Steamroller

88.16 Mb


 2. [2013] Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll

Scraped loose from the furthest reaches of the vaults and dusted off for downloading, this live recording captures Sour Jazz in raw, savage and unholy form. Recorded live at the Continental in NYC on 8 March 2001, this previously unreleased set is guaranteed to wilt your houseplants and send the neighbours next door running fast for the far side of town. This is the sound of Sour Jazz laughing in the face of public humiliation – a curious yet effective melange of suave and slop. Noel Ford manned the board.

01 - (I'm A) Prick
02 - Mr. Popular
03 - Fortune Cookie
04 - I Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll
05 - I've Got It All
06 - Easy As Pi
07 - The Low Point
08 - I Gotta Change
09 - Messin' With The Kid
10 - Steamroller

90.59 Mb


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Eaten By Dogs - Third Single Release & Video From Critically Acclaimed Album

3rd Single 'Over Now' taken from Eaten By Dogs award winning sophomore album Anxiety Ain't No Currency.

This video is the 1st of 21 visionary documentaries displaying the first hand effects that the overuse of recreational and prescription drugs have had in the breakdown of Western and small parts of Asian society. Made after 3 cones.

Anxiety Ain’t No Currency is a record of our times: music to listen to as you steer your way through the escapism of modern life.

Launch - The Tote Collingwood 14th October

CD/LP/Digital Available Now! From HERE or HERE

Monday, October 9, 2017

Australian Hard Hitting Rockers "The Ugly Kings" Sign To Kozmik Artifactz!

Kozmik Artifactz are proud to announce the signing of Australian hard hitting rockers "The Ugly Kings" and will be releasing their first full-length record early 2018.

The Ugly Kings are four powerhouse blues rockers drawing influence from an eclectic and dynamic musical background. They offer a powerful injection of energy and emotion to the modern rock scene, formulating what can only be described as power blues. The catchy riffs and foot stomping rhythm lay the foundations for the deep reaching and soulful emotive vocals.

Having one mini-album (Of Sins) & a 7" single (Promised Land) under their belt already, they are thrilled to sign with Kozmik Artifactz for the release of their debut full length album in early 2018.

The Ugly Kings have supported Airbourne on their successful sold out east coast Australia tour in January 2017 with great reviews. They also supported Rival Sons in 2016 on their first Australia headline side-show in Melbourne during the Black Sabbath 'The End' World Tour.

The Ugly Kings offer a stripped down but powerful injection of energy and emotion to the modern rock scene; formulating what can only be described as ‘Power Blues’.

Memorable beats, thunderous bass lines and an electrifying barrage of bluesy ‘grit’ riffs tied with raw and emotive vocals.

"Loud, heavy, slightly-sludgy classic rock meets blues with a modern bend, played by a band that swaggered about the stage with a distinct, but subtle, air of cool. By the end, Sydney was more than happy to learn words on the fly and sing along when the front man held his mic over the mosh. The Ugly Kings are well-versed in the art of restraint, they know when to move and make the crowd get on their feet, and when to step back and let the
music do the talking." - Australian Guitar

"It’s not often you see a band have the crowd so excited and receptive by the second song in the way The Ugly Kings do with such an original sound. Only to be described as The Ugly Kings!" - Ryan O’Keefe (Airbourne Drummer)

"Great show! The Ugly Kings have really got their own thing going on and it rocks! I love all the dynamics, pushing and pulling and then always smashing it out. Great intensity and power." - Joel O’Keefe (Airbourne Frontman & Lead Guitarist)

"Thick, groove induced chords, deep baritone vocals and a harden-the-fuck-up ethos" - Phantom's Way

"Promised Land, a four-minute beast that sounds like the Rival Sons and the Graveltones going head-to-head with John Bonham and Jim Morrison. With multiple riffs and deft twists and turns, it sounds fantastic.." - SonicAbuse

"Promised Land ..bounces, pushes and crawls like a wounded beast treading through a boneyard. Well, that is, right up till the scream of rage as a flock of vulturish guitars is disturbed beyond all reason. This is an interesting and clever composition." - Raw Ramp

You can purchase "Of Sins - Mini Album" for $7 AUD or more from HERE!

You can purchase "Promised Land - 7" Single" for $2 AUD or more from HERE!

For fans of The Doors, Jack White, Black Sabbath, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Rival Sons, The Dead Weather.

WhiteNails To Release Awesome Debut "First Trip" on Limited Edition Vinyl

Through a mutual love of Black Sabbath the boys of WhiteNails met one fateful evening in 2016. After a few beers and shots of whiskey they decided they needed to throw on the guitars and see what kind of noise would come forth. Hence the birth of WhiteNails. Five dudes with an appetite for loud, heavy rock and roll.

Quebec's stoner rock band, influenced by the sounds of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Kyuss, WhiteNails adds a psychedelic touch to their debut First Trip. Heavy riffs are not lacking on this business card which has received a very positive critical reception. Add a very seventies visual and you have a band that quickly gets a top spot on the scene.

"WhiteNails’ Frankenstein mix of up-tempo grooves, infectiously full vocal delivery and monster riffs was just so out of the blue…every section of every song reveals some new touchstone.  Was that Queens of the Stone Age?  Turbonegro?  Church of Misery?  Late 80s Ozzy?  Windhand?  WTF??!!?  It’s like someone threw my record collection in a food processor set to half-speed and laid the resulting furor to tape." - Ripple Music

Hard driving, party fuelled, loud as hell, bastards of rock n roll playing some of the best solid riff-driven 70s Rock / Psych / Stoner / Doom you'll ever hear, this album is bloody awesome, one of the best albums I've heard this year, full on aural assault from the get go and an absolute must for your collection. Highly recommended.

Limited Vinyl Release Date: 13 October 2017


- 111x clear/white/black splatter vinyl (handnumbered as MAILORDER edition)
- 200x pink
- 100x black
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

Pre-order First Trip (clear/pink/black splatter) LP 23.00 €
Pre-order First Trip (pink) LP 19.00 €
Pre-order First Trip (black) LP 17.00 €
Pre-order First Trip CD 14.00 €

Also available as digital download for $7 USD or more / 4 panel CD digipak for $10 USD or more from HERE.